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Is Intel Core i7 Processor i7-970 3.20GHz 12MB LGA1366 CPU BX80613I7970 Fully unlocked core allows for overclocking?

or its better to get Intel Core i7-990X Processor Extreme Edition?
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  1. Get one of the new Intel Core i7 2600K its allot cheaper and the performance is very similar.
  2. Unless you do a lot of video rendering, 3D modelling and/or animation or other CPU-Intensive task (games are not CPU-Intensive compared to the tasks listed), there's really no need for a i7 970.

    As Shay said, a 2600K is a much better buy if your main goal is gaming.
  3. thanks alot . cheers
  4. its for very 3dmax rendering and after effects
  5. Quad Core Sandy Bridge is on par with Six-core Westmeres, you'll not notice much difference.Sandy Bridge is the way to go for overclocking.
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