550w power supply for p8p67?

I just built my first pc, it has the aforementioned mobo, a nvidia geforce 280, a i5 2500k sandy bridge cpu. one blu ray drive whether that matters, or not and 8 gigs of corsair vengeance ram. the pc keeps freezing after about an hour of starting up. the ram tested ok and the cpu temp is fine. im not well versed enough to trouble shoot and i think it may be the power supply. any ideas?

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  1. depends on were it's freezing it could be the psu but there are a lot of things from a bad psu to bad cpu to bad mob to bad OS install.
    What OS are you running?
    What are you doing when it freezes?
    Is it just after an hour of sitting it locks up?
    Do you have the tester to test the psu?
    Do you have a backup psu you can swap?
    Is it on a ups or surge strip?
  2. its running idle
    its windows 7 pro
    i dont have a backup psu, or a tester
    its running on a surge
  3. The GTX 280 is a power hog and I don't think that the power supply is big enough fot it.
  4. The minimum psu required for the 280 to be in the system is 550w and it will depend on the psu brand and model as to the quality of the psu and whether or not if it is enough to power that viseo card and everything else in the Pc.
  5. its a corsair 550w if that means anything. it was running a xfx pci2.0 mobo nd the same card as well as 8 gigs ddr2 ram and a lga775 2.9 core 2 duo cpu and it was ok. i essentially just switched out the board
  6. if it was running the same gpu before I doubt it's the power of the psu but you may have shorted it out or it could be to weak for the I-5 mob(I doubt it though). Best option here would be to have the psu tested. A lot of mom and pop place will do it for you cheap(if not free) or just upgrade the psu. I would go with a 650w or if you ever plan on sli go with 1000w.
  7. You may also want to test the CPU, I've been out of the loop for awhile but I am sure there are some free testing software you can just download out there.
  8. The fact remains that your computer is freezing and the usual culpret for that is the power supply. You can rule out the ram by putting one stick at a time in the first slot and see if that solves the issue. Power supplys are not overly expensive and you would only have to go up to a 650w.
  9. thanks,

    Im going to look into the PSU
  10. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 idles at ~30W and consumes ~190W under full load. The ASUS P8P67, which idles at ~40W, with an INTEL i5-2500K consumes ~190 W under full load. A 2TB HDD can draw ~8W at full speed. The more powerful types of Blu-Ray drives consume ~45W during playback. CPU and case fans can consume ~2W each operating at full speed. So, I would be very surprised if it's the PSU that's the problem here - I am running an ASUS P9X79 with an INTEL i7-3930K processor, an ATI FirePro workstation graphics card, one HDD, one ODD and 3 fans from a 650W power supply which never draws more than ~500W under full load.

    Is your RAM on ASUS' QVL list? Is your PC freezing also within the hour with no application running?
  11. systembolaget said:
    ... with an INTEL i5-2500K consumes ~190 W under full load.

    Your source for this?

    jstein, I suspect your problem is power, although the usual sysmptom would be a reset/reboot cycle while under heavy 3D load.

    An OC'd i5 will pull around 10 amps (120 watts) under load. A GTX280 will pull around 20 amps (240 watts) under load. That is 30 amps, and a good 550 watt PSU should be able to produce 40 amps. Adding motherboard, RAM, and drives and you are likleyto be close to the limits of your PSU.
  12. systembolaget said:

    Check out your links
    Notice how it says "System Power" on the chart in the first one,
    " Power Consumption- Entire system " in the second
    Should I point out the 3rd ?

    A 41a Corsair TX550, if not faulty, shouldn't have a problem with the OP's specs.
  13. delluser1 said:
    A 41a Corsair TX550, if not faulty, shouldn't have a problem with the OP's specs.

    Hence my suggestion that the OP should not worry :)
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