Will i see a difference?

I currently have an AMD 1090t OCd to 4 ghz combined with an Asus Direct CUII gtx580, 8gb 1600mhz Ram, Windows 64bit on OCZ vertex 2 120gb SSD, 1TB Samsung F3,

For a couple of weeks i have been considering the move to Intel and buying the 2500k and Asus Sabertooth P67 board, i would like to know if i would see a difference in overall system performance as well as games. Do you chaps think its worth it or should i just stay with my current set up until Bulldozer/Ivy bridge is released. Ps, i am interested in the 8 core bulldozer chpis that are inbound, but the wait is killing me. What do you think ?
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  1. Worth it depends on what you really think..First thing is that the most games can run great on your rig.Second thing is that yes ivy bridge will be supported on 1155 however you can still wait for bulldozer.For me, i would wait for a while.I am sure you have no problems in running your games at almost max settings?
  2. Yes to wait is to be wise, but im so bloody impatient, any news as to when bulldozer will arrive?
  3. I posted a confirmation on there release date some time back.AMD said early summer for desktop and late summer for server.This is no rumor this is what AMD has claimed.
  4. Bulldozer releases on June 11th.
  5. So 6 weeks to wait, AGHHH !
  6. Goodluck with your waiting.I myself am fed up on waiting.
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