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I'm pretty sure the ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 board I bought is bad so I will be sending it back to newegg. This is my first experience with ASRock and while I love the price and all the features you get it's not making a good first impression.

Is it just one of those things that happens or does ASRock have a higher failure rate??

If newegg will let me should I exchange it for a possibly better quality ASUS board (want UEFI BIOS) ?

Feature wise which ASUS board would I need to buy to equal or better the Extrem3 Gen3?
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    general asrock is considered to be a good mid grade board, sometimes failure happens. I can't say for other people but I personal have not had a higher failure rate from them. Saying that ASUS is general considered a better board and UEFI BIOS is easier for some then the old BIOS types but I still perfer the Old bios. But I remember having to play with jumpers and when DOS was the new thing.
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