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Hey guys

Me and my friend are building new gaming systems, and are following the monthly specials on the site we're ordering from. There is a monitor that we have both decided on, but there is also the Corsair HX 650W on special as well. I was wondering whether this will be enough for our systems.

Specs are:
CPU: i5 2500K
HDD: 1 WD Caviar Black 500gb
GPU: HD 6950

I am planning to overclock the CPU a bit (4-4.5ghz), and maybe the graphics card. I checked on the Corsair website (with overclocking checked) and it said we could even get away with the 550w. So I'm guessing we will be absolutely fine with the HX 650W?

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    Yes HX650's are excellent you could xfire with one no problem.
  2. ^+1 that psu is great, perfect for your setup
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