AGP are very old but I have a spare ATI RADEON 9550 Card and I am wondering if there is such thing as an adapter for it? If there is, can I use it with a different card that is PCI-e to boost gaming performance? (not by much I would say lol)

my other card >
mobo >

Thanks :)
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  1. A while back I think have seen a riser card for PCIe to AGP, it probably sold 0 units. I've never seen AGP to PCI, and even if there was you cannot connect PCI link to PCIe for dual video mode, they run on separate channels on the motherboard.

    If you want to speed up your games, go to,2782.html and pick even the cheapest card there, it will be much faster than your 9500.
  2. As far as I know, integrated graphics on a modern AMD motherboard (Radeon HD 3200, up to 4290) is actually more powerful than a radeon 9550.

    Besides, no, I don't think that I've ever heard about an AGP-to PCI-E adapter, although it would probably be easy to make one. My guess is, though, that you would have to pay more for the adapter than for a new, low-end discrete graphics card.
  3. Yes there are adapters! Buy today! :lol:

    They only cost $300!!!
  4. ^^lol.

    I'll pass, thanks lol
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