Pls Dont Buy Gateway Computer!!!

I know that may not be a right place to post my message, but I really want to share my terrible experience with Gatway computer. I hope all Gateway potential buyers should think twice before their purchase decision.

I have download the BIO from Gateway official website and follow the given procedure to flash the BIO of my Solo 5300 Notebook. However, it failed and I cannot boot my notebook again. As my notebook still cover the warranty, I phone Gateway Support and they give me an irresponsible answer: "Flashing Bio is not under warranty!!!". Anyway, I paid USD50.00 for fixing the BIO. Then I took a day-off and dropped the notebook to the designated service center. On my way back home, I receive call from Gateway and they said I need to replace the whole motherboard to fix the BIO and charge me another USD1163.00!!! Oh my GOD!!!! I think Gateway is like a thief. They charge me the amount almost equal to a new notebook!!!! I don't know what I can do now!!! Seems complain Gateway is useless to me as they are no longer doing business oversea (I live in Hong Kong). Seems they will not entertain my complain. Can anoone know any effective channel that I can make my complain.

I would like to point out that:
1. The BIO file is provided by Gateway website and Gateway must responsible for that.

2. Warranty must protect any damage of the machine which caused by the Gateway provided software.
3. If the Warranty really don't cover Gateway, then WHY Gateway provide these driver/files download from Gateway website.

4. The Gateway Warranty is useless, it even don't cover software caused damage by the BIO?

5. Fixing BIO with replacing the whole board is crazy. I think people have little hardware knowledge should know that is not a irresponsible company to fix BIO with replacing the whole motherboard, For this kind of BIO design, I think Gateway should redesign all your non-fixable BIO notebook.

Again, I am very angry and upset with Gateway Computer's service and product. I hope all you consider to buy Gatway product MUST THINK TWICE of their irresponsible product warranty.

Shame on Gateway.
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  1. yeah plus they no longer sell AMD. Another reason not to buy Gateway. Speaking of HP (i dont know who was but n e way) i heard that thewy were going to stop making calculators. Did n e one else hear this. Supposedly they won't design n e more, and they will keep making the existing ones "indefinitely" Maybe i should finally go buy an HP32sII

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  2. OMG no! HP calculators kick ass!

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  3. The reason they probably need to replace the motherboard is because they use inadaquate OEM motherboards and the bios chips not replacable by itself


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  4. Don't worry.
  5. I agree. Gateway really sucks. I got a computer with a bad NIC in it and they wanted me to pay to ship it back to them so they could replace it, then they were going to charge me to have it shipped back. First of all the dang NIC only costs like $10. Shipping would cost more than that. Secondly, it was thier fault it was broken! I'm definately not buying from them again. I've had similar problems with Dell though... I'm sticking to custom built PCs and servers from now on.

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  6. Why would anyone buy for gateway unless they had some kind of sick cow fetish :)
  7. whats wrong with cow fetishes.?

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