making a mp3 cd for a stereo

I've tried a million different things, but I'm out of tricks to try.

I've got a Sony 3-disc cd player, that has a big ass MP3 COMPATIBLE sticker on it, but I've yet to get mp3s to work on it. How/what program should I use to burn the cd, and are there any rules or guidelines the stereo looks for? I've tried sony's website, but it's utter crap.

I'd appreciate any help I can get
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  1. This is important and interesting to me because I recently bought an amplifier and a pair of speakers and later on plan to buy a DVD separate that can play MP3s too.

    I heard from a salesman that some units have to be connected to a TV for choosing and playing the MP3 files i.e. you see a menu and/or other method of finding and playing the files on the TV screen when you plug the stereo to the TV (which probably you can use for viewing video CDs too). I must admit this is a shitty way to play your music...
  2. *thinks*
    Well... things you could try:

    1. Use the program Nero to burn the cd's.

    2. Try burning them at a slow rate

    3. If possible, use silver or gold cd-r's... not green ones. Ive seen certain cd players have trouble with the less reflective green disks.

    4. Are the burnt CD's ok? Will they read properly on your computer?

    Burning mp3 cd's for use like that SHOULDNT be hard. My GF has a dvd player that can play mp3 cd's... and all she does is use her old 10x burner and burns them all to the cd root directory. (no subdirectories, to be safe)

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  3. I've been using Nero the whole time, and I've even tried burning at 2x, and still nothing. I'm beginning to think my Sony stereo is not mp3 compatiable. On the package itself it says "mp3 cd compatible" on their website it says nothing. Maybe they're saying I can read cd-rs on it. If so, they're bastards :P
  4. I bought the program called Audio CDMaker, burns convential mp3->wav cd's and Mp3 format cd's. Works great.

    hope that helps.

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  5. Have you checked your manual for any requirements on how your CDs should be recorded? I know my Kenwood MP3-compatible car stereo manual mentions things like using a full format with CDRWs, and the available characters and length of filenames and folders. What model is your player?
    You're right, Sony's site is crap.
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  6. The manual doesn't say crap, it doesn't even tell how the basic functions work (mixing, clock setting, displays, shuffle, etc)

    This is the model number:
    MHC-GX40 The "G" could be a C, the manual is fuzzy as crap

    It's all good ^_^
  7. I think the sticker on the package is lying coz I've checked many sites (including Sony's official site) and none of them mentions anything about MP3 playback. It does allow CD-R/CD-RW playback though.

    Was the sticker put on the box by the salesman, retail dealer? Can you go back to the shop where you bought this crap and ask the salesmen to give you a demo of MP3 playback? I think they'll be looking for excuses.
  8. Dang, elzt is right, there's nothing about MP3s with that player.
    Yeah, I'd take it back, too, and make em show that it plays MP3s.

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  9. It was bought at wal-mart, and it's a good stereo so I don't want to take it back. I love the daily wake up feature, nothing wakes you up like blasting music.

    I think the sticker was meant to fool people. It probably means it can play burnt cds, burnt music cds. Foolery pisses me off.

    I appreciate the help guys, thanks. Next stereo/player I buy will be from a non-wal-mart facility, hah

    It's all good ^_^
  10. You might also want to make sure that your cd session has been finalized .. for some MP3 players, it's not good enough for the session to be closed .. make sure you finalize your session so no more data can be written to the CD. Hopefully this will allow your music system to read the MP3 files ..
  11. I finalize most of my cds, it's wasteful in most cases, but I'm really anal about finalizing.

    I'm starting to think when Sony said "can play mp3s / MP3 Compatible" they meant it can play burnt audio cds, like most cd players.

    It's all good ^_^
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