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I need help....

I am at this moment downloading Windows 7 RC. What program is the best to put the ISO file on DVD. I have never burnt an ISO file before so I might be back here asking form more help. Thanks
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    cd burner xp

    free and works
  2. Thanks, I just downloaded and intalled it. Now I'm waiting for the Windows 7 download to finish. I do have one more quick question. I have read that some have had to change the file extension so it will burn, is this still the case???
  3. nope, cd burner gives you an option to burn an iso file to dvd. i didnt have to change anything. just make sure the dl is fully complete b4 u burn, maybe even restart your computer first.
  4. thanks for the help, I'll post back in a bit after its all downloaded
  5. Any first impressions?
  6. It is a lot better then Vista. So far no problems with it at all. I ended up deleting Vista and won't put it back on anytime soon.
  7. For the record, ImgBurn is, in my personal opinion, one of the best iso/disc image burning software. It is fast, versatile, powerful, reliable, free, and light (doesn't take a lot of HDD space to install nor memory to run). I've used it for burning everything from CD/DVD .ISOs (including bootable OS install discs) to Video_TS folders for DVD rips.

    Glad to hear you are having a good experience with Win 7. I've been loving it from beta 7000 to RC 7100.
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