Do I have a virus?

Ok so I clicked on a site, and something popped up saying something like " this is an attack site, you have been blocked for your protection" or something like that. AVG and Spybot Search and Destroy didn't find anything harmful. Think I am ok or did I get a virus? Oh yeah and my PC isn't acting funny or anything either.

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  1. Did avg tell you this? Firefox? Google? If AVG tells you it has already stopped you.

    If it was AVG, you should have seen something like this
  2. I'm not sure I closed it quickly. If I remember right it was like a red warning on a black background I think. Whatever it was it told me it blocked me from getting to the site because it was "an attack site"
  3. Definitely was not AVG then
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  5. That's exactly what it looked like! Does this mean I have a virus?
  6. nope.

    you are fine. so long as you do not click ignore this warning.
  7. Nope I didn't enter the site at all. Thanks for your help again nukemaster!
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