Windows 7 home prem. compatable drivers for my nvidia

I have a Sony labtop and I just upgraded to windows 7 home prem. I have a nvidia 8400 M GS. I can't seem to find display drivers that work for windows 7. The computer reads my nvidia cards says "stander VGA card". Any help?
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  1. Go to Select Download Drivers. Select Geforce then Select Geforce 8 M series for notebooks then select 8400 M GS. Select Win 7 (32 or 64 bit depending on what you have) The drivers are there I can download them. (not that I need them)
  2. I've done that several times and when installing the driver it says the driver does not work with my operating system :(
  3. when i try to install the drivers from the nivida website it says it cant find any nivida hardware
  4. You may need to go to Sony's web site and see if they offer Windows 7 drivers for your laptop.

    -Wolf sends
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