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Dell Precision 450

Dell Precision 450

Dual CPU capable

What is the best CPU I can put in this thing? It's 604 pin, I got Xeon 3.6's NADA, I got carried away.

Dell are UNHELPFUL, of course this PC can take more than the stock 3.06, they automatically blamed the VRM, purlease, I never got one to work, nevermind two.

Any ideas?

Did someone say a 3.2 of some type would work? I prefer 64 bit OSes. So is there a 3.2 Xeon that is 64 bit?
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  1. I owned a Precision 450
    I had the 3.2 Prestonia 533mhz 1mb L2
    the fastest I coud find was the 3.2 533mhz 2mb L2 but the 1mb L2 version was almost 30 dollars cheaper
    I had that computer for years
    It is still functional and I plan to make a dedicated Vegas Pro network render machine out of it
    these are the best chips that will work
    it would cost about $50 dollars to do upgrade
    I found my two 3.2 1mb L2 for $20 with free shipping
    I really recommend that you dont go over $30 USD
    I love that Old Beast but not worth sinking too much into
    remember it has AGP and IDE so your upgrade path stinks
    I picked a Dell Optiplex 745 for $75 used on Craigslist
    and dropped about a $100 in upgrades
    and it blows away that machine
    I dont say that to brag or be mean
    but careful you dont spend more upgrading that could buy you newer tech
    A 1.8 Core2Duo can outperform the dual 3.2s
    I know I have ran benches on the old and the new machine
    If you are in US the market for used machines is great right now

    No 64bit cpus work in that in machine from my knowledge
    the Precision 470 used the Gallatins which were 64bit
    the 450 only support Prestonia Xeons
  2. You know your stuff, I love the SCSI and I have a lot to put in from my old PC, I use a nice Phenom 2 triple core via a laptop.

    I really want 64 bit, I might find a cheap CPU on ebay to test it, if I do I will let you know. Thanks for your help, if you find something that will work with the 450 that is 64 bit please let me know.
  3. Cool
    Thank you
    I really appreciate keeping an older machine
    if it can do what you need it to do
    These were the specs on my 450 for your info

    Dual Xeon 3.2
    4 x 1gb PC2100 unbuffered Non-ECC CL 2.5 ram
    160gb OS boot Maxtor Diamond Max 9 Ata-100 IDE 7200 rpm drive 8mcache
    200gb Maxtor DIamond Max 10 same as above
    36gb Ultra 320 10k rpm Cheatah Photoshop scratch drive
    Adaptec U-320 64mb PCI-X Raid 0,1,5 card
    Nvidia 7600GS 256mb 128bit memory bus DDR2 AGP 8x Heavily OCd driving two displays
    Creative Audigy Platinum EX 5.1 24bit sound card
    PCI slot cooler
    Dual 16x DVD-RWs IDE

    all ran on the Dell 360w stock original from 2004-2005 unit
    still running fine today
    at one time was triple booting XP Pro,Vista Ulitmate and Ubuntu
    would run one Virtual Box Virtual Machine (XP pro)
    and still encode and burn a DVD with DVD Flick plus browse and play videos
    with no major lag
    Could play BioShock 2,Crysis Warhead at 1024x768 low settings
    could play Left 4 Dead 2 at med to high at 1280x1024
    could play Far Cry 2 at med to high 1600x1200

    I still have a soft spot for that system
    It wasnt easy to retire it
    She was close to a $5000 machine when new

    Dont let some of the rude members on here get to you
    there are some who are " computer elitist snobs" on here who will
    insult you
    but most members are great

    If a Pentium 3 did everything you needed a computer to do with no
    then why would you upgrade it?
  4. Hi,

    Thanks, my project has SCSI it is very fast for an old machine.

    I asked about a CPU on Ebay, the seller told me I had to have a 533 FSB, it's a pain tracking CPUs down. A 604 pin, 64 bit capable AND 533 FSB. I have an old Nvidia 6800 GT, it never got slow, I want to upgrade the CPU add another and then put the 6800 in it. The CPU's are about $20 these days. See what you suggest
  5. If Ebay USA is available then I would go with these
    30 for the pair
    there are alot of deals on these
    the ones I picked are the 3.2/1mb L3/533
    I went with those because there is a price difference between
    the 2mb l3 and 1mbL2 since the 1mb was more common
    Great thing is that server end of life equipment is cheap due to huge supply
    and companies liquidating
    I usually buy off lease Dell business class (precision,newer optiplex,vostro etc)
    cheap and built better than home user product line

    I hate to tell you this
    but I am 95% sure from everything I read
    that the 64bit Gallatins wont work
    I dont think they made a 533mhz 64bit
    When I get a chance I will go check out some sites
    like Intel and others to double check for you
  6. BX80532KE3200F Intel Xeon 3.2GHz 533MHz FSB 2MB L3 Cache Socket 604 Processor Mfr P/N BX80532KE3200F

    These are no good? Same FSB, what do you think?

    Nice to have SCSI it's very quick to start.
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    Britman said:
    BX80532KE3200F Intel Xeon 3.2GHz 533MHz FSB 2MB L3 Cache Socket 604 Processor Mfr P/N BX80532KE3200F

    These are no good? Same FSB, what do you think?

    Nice to have SCSI it's very quick to start.

    They look like should be ok

    I had a scsi boot drive for awhile
    U320 74gb Cheetah 10k with Adaptec 64mb RAID 2120s RAID PCI-X controller

    I still have that setup in my parts cabinet
    Just dont use it anymore
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  9. I would love to give your SCSI drive, I know it's old and small, but I have another Cheetah to keep it company. Can you part with it? I work for a home help charity, it would make a lot of people happy ;)

    I gave up, I got 2 3.2 2mb 533 FSB, I guess there is no 64 bit for my Precision 450. I keep looking for an Optiplex, you got lucky for $70
  10. I am sorry but a friend of mine wants it.
    I was just talking to him a few nights ago
    and we are working out a trade

    Thank you for selecting me as best answer
    good luck with new CPUs
  11. Yes the 3.2/2mb/533 worked perfectly, I installed Vista and absolutely no problem, everything was recognised first time. SCSI is better than SATA when it comes to installing Vista is a BITCH when it comes to SATA, trust me. I have a AGP card, it's 512 mb 6800 GT Nvidia and nothing batters it, not many games come out with outrageous hardware requirements. The old GT card might make this thing a good desktop.
  12. The 6800 gt was the premier card in its day
    Really not much better for AGP
    Going to a HD 4650 AGP wouldnt be much of improvement in FPS
    but would give you more features like HDCP,UVD 2.2 and DX 10
    but not really worth the $80
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