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5850 Vapor X vs 6870

Hi all,

I am stuck between a difficult choice, between 5850 Vapor-X and 6870. Money is not really the issue because I am getting them used from someone, around the same price. My first priority would be noise level @ load, then the rest. I know 6870 is a tad bit faster than 5850 at clock speed and 5850 has more room for OC potential. I do not plan to get 6900 series or crossfire in the future because of my budget.

Noise level wise, I don't know if there is any difference @ load, because I normally manually set my idle fan speed to inaudible, and I can't find enough information on both cards regarding their noise level, that is why I am confused. Temperature is not really an issue, my case is well ventilated. I am leaning towards 6870 if the dba level is about the same at +50% load. If anyone know first hand or know any information about it, thanks in advance

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    The 5850 is definitely quieter, thats what that model is all about.
    Its also a center fan, exhaust heat internal model which are usally quieter to start with.
    The 6870' reference model uses a blower fan and they operate at fairly high rpm to pull air in and exhaust out the case.
  2. Thanks for the lightning reply.

    Hmm with noise level aside, is there any significant advantage 6870 has over 5850? I don't really care about a few fps more or less. Far as I know, 6870 is better when it comes to tesselation and morphological aa. I read that morphological aa smoothes edges out, etc. Is it worth it?

    Thanks again,

    EDIT: just read that 5000 series can also use this new feature morphological aa soon.
  3. The 5850 is a excellent card. Advantage of 6850 is price. Real world actual games where the tesselation performance would make a difference is hard to quantify.
    6870 is a higher clocked slightly better performing 6850.
    A o/c 5850 or 5870 is generally the same or slightly faster. They are all in the same ball park. And thats with the fastest cpu's.
    AMD made the 68XX series a little cheaper to manufacture and they are now their higher - mid range cards. Their new flagship cards will be the 69XX .
    So the old 58XX compare to the new 68XX very evenly.
  4. Hmm, true I am not an enthusiastist, don't care much about benchmarks. And yes I do agree it's hard to identity the significant differences in reality. That's why I considered 5850, because it's mid-range performance at 1900 res and good price/performance ratio. 6800 series is just a slight improvement over 5770/5850 with a few new features and I think mainly marketing towards nvidia new line ups.

    Anyway, thanks a lot notty. Appreciate the replies within minutes, I just needed some reassurance since I am not an expert when it comes to hardware, but I know enough. Hoping to order within next week, busy this week ;/
  5. Mostly yes , except the 5770 is not in the same class with the above cards. A good gpu, but a o/c 5870 is the master of 2-5770's.
    I ran a o/c 4770 which itself could play a lot of 1900x1080 dx9 games like a 5770 can do with dx11 games. But you are more often than not, turning down many IQ settings for FPS. Its nice to get a slightly 'overkill' gpu , to leave everything on HIGH .
  6. I agree, I had a 5770 before and it was decent performance on 1900 on med settings, max on 1680 res OC. I considered about cross-firing but the temp/noise turned me off in the end. Eventually sold it and using a replacement until next purchase. I actually almost bought 2x 4770 before 5000 series came out, but I am glad I waited, but this time I need it before the holidays!
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