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How do I install a Linksys wireless G router to my existing DSL modem. I'm kind of new at this so I really need to know what wire goes where. I have HP Pavilion P6310y that is already running through my DSL modem and I want to hook up a Dell Dimension 4600 using a Linksys Wireless -G router. Help!
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  1. Assuming the Linksys lacks a built in modem, you'd connect to a modem via the connector on the router which is labelled internet. It should be the same size connector as the ethernet sockets on the router.

    If not, and it's more like the size of a phone socket then the router is already equippped to connect to ADSL without your existing modem.

    See the router manual. For the WAN (internet) settings speak to your broadband supplier.
  2. I appreciate your reply however I'm dumber than dumb. My Linksys does not have a built in modem. My DSL modem is a Westell, supplied to me by Verizon. The connection on the Linksys has an internet connector, but I don't know what I'm supposed to put into that connection. Do I disconnect the ethernet from my modem and put that in the internet position on the router? If not just how do I make the connection.
  3. Modem connects to the outside world.

    Ethernet cable links modem to router's internet socket.

    Router connects to computer by wireless OR by ethernet cable to computer's networking socket. While setting up always use the ethernet cable.

    Download the full manual for the router from the CD or from Linksys site and read the relevant chapters.
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