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I am a first-time poster. I design plastic injection molds at home and have been self-employed at this since 1984. Therefore, I am my own system administrator and I get stumped regularly. My current workstation ( I can re-post the specs if they aren't easily accessible) is 2 years old. While using SolidWorks-every once in a while the display will go black and the computer will immediately reset. To say the least, this is inconvenient. When this started, my OS was Windows Vista Business, 64-bit. My first shot was to clean out the box and check all the fans-which are operating properly. After that did not seem to help, I then did a clean install of Windows7 Professional, 64-bit. I was fine for 2 days then had a crash yesterday, so apparently the gremlins are still there. This happens only while I am running SolidWorks, but this is not surprising since that is all I do on that machine. SolidWorks does require MS Office, so that is loaded as well.

I have posted this in the Nvidia portion of the Graphics & Display forum, but this could just as well be related to something else. I was wondering if a faulty power supply could also cause this, but I am not sure if I would get an immediate reset if that were the case. SolidWorks seems to be very fussy about matters related to the vid card, so this is my best guess of the source of my problem. SW recommends driver for use with my current OS and SW2011, sp0, so that is what I have loaded.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. It could be an overheating issue... Check the temps if you can while SolidWorks is running and see if the GPU is over 80C or so. You could try running FurMark and then seeing if it crashes.
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