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Updating BIOS on ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 for FX-4100

This is my first computer build in many years. I understand to run an AMD FX processor on this ASUS mother board I will have to update the BIOs. I plan on doing this with a thumb drive with the updated bios on it and loading it to the BIOS via ez-flash2. I have not attempted this yet as I am waiting on all the parts to get here but, I need to know if there will be a problem updating the bios. I do not have another cpu to put in the motherboard, I only have the FX-4100, so will I be able to reach the bios and update it or am I completely SOL.

EDIT: From everything that I have read over the last day I see a consensus that this FX-4100 will work with this ASUS 890GX. If anyone has got info on this and could post a link (if they just dont want to write it out) that would be greatly appreciated! I know that if I just get ahold of any am3 processor I can update the bios but I just wanted to see if I could update it with an FX cpu from the get go.
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    Can u post a link to your mobo?
  2. Since, no one has posted any of their advice im assuming this is either a really obtuse question or no one has had experience with this. For that matter I am going to try first updating the bios on the mobo with the fx-4100. If this does not work I'll use an older am3 processor to update the mobo then put the fx-4100 in. I will post back and let everyone know how it goes.
  3. I ended up just buying another am3 socket cpu to update then bios, i then returned it. Everything went better than expected.
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  5. At least its working out for u kenand1988! Good luck : )
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