ATI main GPU, Nvidia Physx addon compatable?

Ok, so i'm contemplating putting in an nVidia Physx card and I was wondering if I could with my ATI Radeon HD 4750 X2 being my Video Card. I have a Asus P6T with two 16x slots and a 4x slot.

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  1. ahaha, there just happens to be an article on the front page posted a couple weeks ago about this. Never mind.
  2. No.You can't use an ati card with the nvidia card as physx because the nvidia card will detect the ATI Card and will not enable physx processing.Physx is a complete "nvidia-exclusive" feature and will only work on a nvidia card with another nvidia card as physx or a single powerful gpu like gtx 460,gtx 260+ recommended in batman arkham asylum for physx processing
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