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What is a motherboard dual bios ?

i wanna ask about the dual bios , why it has 2 ?
what's the purpose of having 2 bios ?
like the picture shows, it seems to be a backup , but how does it work ? and why do we need a backup for bios ?

thanks !
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    Dual BIOS can help in several ways. If a BIOS update is interrupted or corrupted somehow like by power loss it will literally kill your motherboard. Also sometimes when overclocking a certain version of BIOS may be more stable than others.
    I have actually had a motherboard that was not stable with a newer BIOS version when overclocking and would start a reboot loop. Gigabyte's dual BIOS allwed me to revert to the older more stable version. In my opinion it's a necessary feature.
  2. If the first "normal" flash BIOS is damaged, then a function built into the board checks to see if the BIOS starts correctly or not.

    If BIOS does not start correctly, then the motherboard automatically switches over to the backup BIOS.

    This gives you the possibility of overwriting the damaged flash BIOS and initiating a new startup process.
  3. Imagine that you are upgrading your mobo's bios and at same time(what a nice time) a blackout happens.
    frankly go get another mobo because warranty wont support such issues.

    TADA... ive dual bios. mobo will use correct bios from secondary memory :D
  4. waw nice answers..
    thank you guys !

    PS : i like your way of explaining "ileden" XD
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