Upgrading my rig

Hey guys,

I've had this computer for about 2 years now.

Q6600 CPU (Not overclocked [yet])
HD4770 ATI
Asus P5Q Motherboard
Some random 750 watt PSU
4x2gb corsair ram
60 euro case, not great but big enough to fit new graphic cards.

And just un-branded/random CPU cooler/fans etc.

I got a 300~350 budget to upgrade my graphics card and cpu cooler, which I think needs a upgrade.

The 4770 was nice, certainly for it's price.. but I need something with a little bit more power, because it certainly can't play all games on high with smooth fps anymore.

The Cpu isn't that great, but I heard that it's pretty easy to overclock it to 3,2 and it's not within my budget to get a i7 yet, so I want to get a better cooler so it'll be able to sustain the overclocking.

Well, my question is... for my current 300~350 euro budget, what GFX card and cpu cooler do you recommend?
Which ones are the most popular right now?
Want to spend it all so, a 300~ card and 50~ cooler wouldn't bother me.

Also, would my CPU be able to handle a graphics card around that price range, and is 750 watt enough to keep my computer up overclocked and all? Or would you recommend something higher.

I'm not really a pc-tech hero, just pretty much know basic stuff.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks! :)

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  1. $300-$350 Euro = $408.22-$476.26 USD

    With that price I say you can get a pretty good GPU, and CPU cooler.

    Graphics I like ATI, so I would go with XFX Radeon HD 5870, or what I have is Sapphire Radeon HD 6870, which is slightly slower then the 5870.

    XFX 5870 - $269.99 - 198.42 Euro

    Sapphire 6870 - $234.99 - 172.69 Euro

    I personally like this CPU cooler: its 54.99 so about 40.41 Euro


    looks like you have an Intel Core 2 Quad, which I think is just fine. What I think you should do is get a reliable PSU, you just said you had some random PSU, so it must not be some name brand one. Getting a good one will help and save you on the long run. Just my opinion.
  2. Spend most of your money on a great graphics card. Make it a significant jump, or you may be disappointed. Something like a 6850 or 6950

    If your cpu cooler is the Intel stock cooler, then replace it. If it is any aftermarket cooler, do not bother to replace it. The cm hiper 212 is a good low cost cooler.

    750w is enough to drive the strongest single graphics card sold today. Do not replace it unless it is defective.

    See what the graphics card does before you bother with a cooler and overclocking. I suspect you will be happy with a good upgrade.

    You could try this test:

    Run your games, but lower your resolution and eye candy.
    If your FPS increases, it indicates that your cpu is strong enough to drive a better graphics card.
  3. Hey thanks for the replies.
    Yes, my cpu cooler definitely needs replacing since it's the stock one.

    I'm considering going for that sapphire one since it's apparently rewarded with buyers best choice.

    My friend recommended me to get another 4770, run them in crossfire and overclock them. He said that he uses two of them and never has any issues with fps lag at all.
    Since they are actually 110~120 each here I'd be out cheaper, what do you think?

    Or would one 6870 beat those anyway?

    Thanks again
  4. CM hiper 212 a good inexpensive cpu cooler $29:

    I would pick a single good graphics card that will do the job over dual cards.
    Some games do not do well with dual cards.
    Sell your 4770 and get the best graphics card you feel comfortable paying for.
  5. I have the Sapphire 6870 and all my games run at max setting, and most games I get 60-70FPS, like Black-ops, L4D2, and team fortress 2. Starcraft 2 I run at max setting without a sweat. In my opinion I would go with 1 good card rather then 2 ok cards. But that's personal preference, some people like to run 2, some like to run 1.
  6. I actually do really preffer just one card, since a lot of games don't even support crossfire yet, and it also takes a lot more power if I'm right.
    Friend suggested it because it would actually save me money seeing 2x 4770 can run pretty much everything.

    But I want to thank everyone giving me advice, I ordered the sapphire 6870 and the zalman ZALMAN CNPS 9700. Should be here within a few days.

    I'll be waiting with getting a new PSU.

    Thanks a bunch guys! :)

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