Ati 5770 or 6850 with Phenom II X2 560BE

So I am building a cheap mid gaming system for my brother-in-law and these are the choices. Will be running 1440 x 900 display. This is to play Starcraft 2. I just want to future proof the system so he won't need to change it later. I believe the 6850 will be more worth it, and if I can unlock the 2 extra cores I will be in luck. Is it worth it to save $35 or for the difference just get it and forget it. Thanks guys again for opinions.
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  1. For 1440x900, HD6850 is an overkill.
    With just GTS450 you can maxed out almost everything at 1440x900. :)
  2. yeah, it's $50 cheaper for the gts450 then the 6850, but same price as 5770. I know the 6850 is overkill, but like I said, future proofing, as I know my bro-in-law will get a 24" screen soon enough.... He loves mine.
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    Okay, get HD6850 then, surely it's faster than HD5770, and yes, it's worth $35.
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