How do you configure Realtek Audio Device Manager use all ports as speaker ports

I was looking up how to plug in 2 sets of speakers into my computer. I found out that you can configure the Realtek Audio Divice Manager to use all/some of the ports to be speaker ports.. I just couldn't figure out how to do it. Need help.
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  1. Well you should be able to use all the motherboard outputs with it, just select 2.1, 5.1, headphones... whichever output you want. You can right click the speaker icon in the tray area and select "Playback Devices" IIRC. You can only have the "speaker" outputs or the "headphone" output on at any given time generally.
  2. Hooking up two sets of speakers.... doesn't tell us too much. Most modern motherboards have 8 channels of audio on four jacks; Left/Right, Center/Subwoofer, RearLeft/Rear RIght, SideLeft/SideRight...... What motherboard do you have?

    So, you can hook up three pairs of speaker, a center channel speaker, and a subwoofer. If you're looking for a surround setup just select 5.1 (use L/R & RL/RR outputs) or 7.1 (L/R, RL/RR, SL/SR outputs) be sure to hook up a single speaker to C for Center too. And, a subwoofer if you have one.
  3. I've been dealing with this for so long and just found out how to fix it.
    Plug it into the orange jack, the one for Center/Subwoofer. Now go into realtek and set speaker configuration to 5.1
    Now in Optional Speakers check the Center box and the Subwoofer box. Make sure Speaker Fill and Swap Center/ Subwoofer Output boxes are checked also. This all should work! Good luck!
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