Thermalright Silver Arrow Cooler and Ram Clearance

Have this in Motherboards & Memory also... Will a Silver Arrow fit with 16Gb Corsair Dominator Dual Channel Ram (all 4 Slots Occupied) if I only use the fan between the "towers" and at the back towards the exaust fan?
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  1. Can't say for certain but at least the Dominators top fins can be removed.
    Dominators are listed as compatible with the Noctua D-14 once you remove the fins.
    The SA and D-14 are very similiar,the SA is dimensionally a little smaller.
    D-14 = H 160 x W 140 x D 158mm
    SA = Depth 147mm x Width 123mm x Height 163mm
    If your case is wide an TR Archon might be a better choice it's performance is in the top 5 air-coolers.
    Length 155mm x Width 53mm x Height 170mm
  2. Thanks guy... I sortta thought that was what I'd have to do, was just makin' sure... thanks again... :)
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