ATI HDTV flickering issue on light colors

I have a Panasonic TC-P50G25 (plasma) and sometimes on light backgrounds, such as the sky or during loading screens, the back ground will flash faintly but noticeably.

I'm not sure if this is a TV setting or ATI setting. I'm leaning more toward something in CCC because this doesnt happen on PS3 or Bluray at all.

Please help :(
PS: this only happens sometimes, and I have dynamic contrast turned off on the display and in CCC
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  1. Do you use a VGA cable?

    If yes:
    I think you have a bad VGA cable.

    If not:
    That means you use HDMI or DVI which for both means the singal is either on or off. Working or not and they are like a light switch. If you do use HDMI or DVI it is likely a setting in ATI. I would check you refresh rate and set it as high as you can, see if that makes a difference. Other than that it sounds more like a video card hardware issue. So try testing it with a different monitor/screen. (using the same connection if possible)
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