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[CPU] Intel I5 2400 heatsink stuck/broken. Cpu overheats.

So the problem is the heatsink. Its the stock intel heatsink and it wont clamp down properly. One pin wont push down at all, the other wont open once its firmly in place so it just falls back out. The other two wont retract and are stuck...

The system resets because the cpu is running too hot. So I'm kind of stuck at the moment. I can't remove the heatsink, nor can I make it fit properly. Anybody have any advice? I'll try contacting intel tomorrow or taking it to a store.

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  1. Take a pliers and squeeze the ends of the pins that won't retract (on the back side of the mainboard). That will make it so you can retract them and remove the heat sink.
  2. The problem is that the fasteners have a white plastic outside that keep the clips in place. But there is a little black piece that comes out from the middle to expand the outside pieces. The black piece in the middle is what wont retract.

    added a picture to kind of help.

    Its hard to see but the two clips towards the bottom are stuck like that. The black middle pieces wont retract. I've tried unlocking and relocking the pins. The left clip wont extend the black piece and the top right clip wont move at all. The top right never really worked and the left one always popped out.
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    I had similar difficulties with one of them. Once I got the black pin released I had to use a pliers to squeeze the white portion back through the hole.

    That black pin in the middle is connected to the upper portion of the fasteners. When you rotate the tops of the fasteners all the way in the correct direction, the pin will release. You may have to try both directions to find the correct way. It helps if you rotate and pull at the same time.

    If you can't get it to work, you'll have to break the heat sink.
  4. I've been trying to turn them to un-release the black pins. I'm worrying that maybe the cpu ran hot enough to actually melt the plastic pieces of the fan.

    I've been having troubles with it all day though, before I even turned it on the fan wouldn't sit with all 4 pins fastened. Only two or three would fasten at a time. I'll try to keep turning and working on it. I may end up calling intel tomorrow, even though I doubt they can do anything.

    I figure if I have to break the fan it wont be a huge loss. I'm more worried about the state of the motherboard and the cpu than the fan.

    EDIT: I managed to get all the pins to fit and lock. The CPU doesn't seem to be running hot atm, I'll check the bio once I'm done loading Windows 7.

    Everything is running smoothly... I really appreciate the advice. You saved me so much frustration.
    I appreciate the advice! Thanks.
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  6. Don't be surprised if you see 60ºC or higher in the BIOS. The CPU cannot use its low-power idle mode until it boots fully into Windows.
  7. I never did like the reference intel heatsink securing method, thats one area AMD has them beat, best choice is to buy an after market cooler with its own backplate.
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