Suggestions for budget gaming build

Hello everyone,
i'm looking forward to build a budget gaming pc other than the exsisting one i already have..
and have come across a few components..
looking forward to advice/improvement suggestions/reviews.
i already own a's the config:
athlon x2 5000+ am2 , gigabyte m61pmes2p, palit geforce9400GT1GB,kingston ddr2 2gb ram, logitech keyboard/mouse, creative 2.1 speakers, acer v193w 1440x900 19"monitor, seagate baracuda 500gb+250gb 3gb/s hdd, iball ups 600va/360w, canon inkjet printer.

!! important !!
NOT GONNA get everything @ once.. [low salary :(] it'll be step by step.. buy/replace stratergy :P

New year resolution: build a budget gaming rig LOL ! ! :P :P

Jan:1>bought a coolermaster elite 430 chasis [thnx to suggestions seen here :P :) :) ]

Feb:2> next up: POWER+UPS : Corsair VX550W + iBall [1000VA/600W] .. since gonna plug in monitor+smps

Mar:3> then once i got power + ups in place gonna go in for processor+mObO+ram..
>>RAM: Gskill ripjaw series ddr3 1333mHz 2*2GB F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL
>> Processor: AMD 965 x4 3.4GHz 125w
>> MoBo: Gigabyte 880ga-ud3h or GA-890GPA-UD3H (rev. 2.1) [if prices come down :P]
>> here i'd like to mention that i need onboard gfx as a backup..just incase..

Apr:4> Monitor: Samsung 23" B233H 1920x1080
+ HDD: seagate 500gb HDD sata3.0 [6gb/s] and.. things like keyboard+mouse+speakers+headphones..etc..etc..

May:5> Finally Graphics Card looking @ ATI radeon HD 6870

somethings i'd like to know:
Q1> i was really impressed by M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 as well .. but only major diff between a asus/gigabyte 880chipset MoBo was asus has got the 8+2 phase where as gigabyte is having 4+1 ... i just need to know what is this about phase? since im not going to overclock my processor.. will 4+1 be good enough or should i go for 8+2 .. im really inclining 90% towards gigabyte due to value for money as well as trust [my exsisting MoBo is a gigabyte m61pmes2p]

Q2> i'm not going to overclock/crossfire nor gonna use more than 1 display so is the graphic card better than a 5770??
will it be enough to play AssasinCreed3/Diablo3 in 1920*1080 FULL HD [lagg free] ??

Q3> Power:VX 550w or TX 750w ??

Q4> is there any ups that supports 800w or more...??

Q5> does the processor 965 come with amd's heatsink+fan?? can some1 mention product code here??
>> not gonna OC .. so will i be needing an extra CPU cooler..??

Q6> does all this stated above compatible with each other?? especially concerned about power required/provided will 550w be enough?

## any sugesstions / reviews totally welcome :) ##
thanks a lot ^_^
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  1. 1. 8+2 is more of a stability issue mainly concerning CPU OC's. Not a concern here.
    2. 5770 is a good card and can handle 1080p very well (I have one running ROF at full settings with a 23" 1080p display). But, prices will most likely change alot from now to May, so keep that option open.
    3. I'd go at least 600W PSU, more if you see a deal. Make sure it's a quality unit, no budget buys in this category.
    4. Most will. They are usually rated in amps.
    5. Yes it will come with a cooler, and yes it will be fine for a non-OC. But, I recommend adding a 120mm fan for exhaust on the top of the 430 case for added airflow. I would also recommend the Phenom II 955 BE with the GA-890GPA-UD3H mobo. Price/performance wise, I feel the 955 is a much better value, with all of the best features of PH II X4's. The 890 board was my personal choice in build #2 with a PH II X2 555 BE.
    6. Looks good. I already touched on the PSU. Keep an eye on RAM prices, as they are likely to fluctuate. Good choice with 1333's as far as speed.
  2. @jockey : thnx a lot :) :)

    i'll definately go with the phenom 955BE + GA-890GPA_Ud3H combo :D

    i've already got 3 led 120mm fans + 2 90mm fans \m/ :) :) haha !! ultra airflow :D

    and thanks a ton !! power was main issue .. ^_^ i'll go with the corsair tx650w/coolermaster700 silent gold.. lets see which is cheaper next month :)

    thnx a ton~. .
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