Best graphic card for intel duel core

best graphics card for intel duelcore with 3Gb DDR2 ram so please recommanded me sutiable graphics card for gaming and autocad to run in best way thanks
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  1. Intel core 2 duo has many frequencies starting at 1.8ghz. We need the processor model and the motherboard in order to provide a graphics solution that will not bottleneck your system.
  2. Post your full specs plz-
  3. Dual Core and not Core 2 Duo, right?
    If yes then high end card will be held back by your CPU, so I think the best card you can get is GT240 (PCIE card) or HD4650 (AGP).
  4. If you have a dual core P4, go with a GT 240 or Radeon 5570. If you have a C2 Duo then it depends on your clock speed as to what you should get but I would say a 5700 series card or GTS 450 for a low to mid clocked C2Duo or a Radeon 6800 or GTX 460/470 for higher clocked C2Duos
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