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hello friends

i am new one in this forum so hello to everybody. it nice being part of a such a huge technology oriented forum and feel good to be here.

so i have a query regarding the computer field

well i have been using this old pentium 4 2.8 ghz hyperthreaded processor system with 4gb of DDR SDRAM, windows xp sp3 and intel original 865gbf motherboard with 320 gb seagate and ati radeon hd 3850 sapphire AGP card. yes you are right AGP card not PCI Express. Now Due To Some unforseen circumstances my original motherboard 865gbf got toasted. so in a rush up i bought up a second hand 865 gbf which is working very much fine. but then i found out that my graphics card also got toasted that is AGP card i am talkin about. so i have two option
option one buy a new graphics card with AGP support the only card available is sapphire HD 4650. which is costing me around 108$ that is 5200 Rs in indian money. the previous version of graphics card AGP HD 3850 which got toasted runned 3ds max 20011 with vray, mental ray, final render perfectlly also runned maya and zbrush perfectly not only adobe cs5 master collection, and corel x5 without any problems. now the problem is that my motherboard is going to be second hand that is 865gbf with new hd 4650 radeon AGP card. as this configuration is fine for most of the new software coming out till some time. the confusion is that this configuration is way too old and way too outdated but it still works for me.

now here is the catch as the new second generation intel processors have come out with a new socket and the new SANDY BRIDGE i have seen most to the test results and benchmarks which gives the i7-2600k the upper hand in every field including the i5-2400k processor both of these have outperformed most of the existing desktop processor.

so i wanted a review of new desktop system which consist of new second generation chip microprocessor that is i7 or i5 or i3. but i want you guys to review it with the professional series of grahics card existing for the professional industry. how is the new ferni series of nvidia is compared to the Fire GL, of Fire Pro Series of ATI Cards. is the branded workstation is good or a non branded workstation. how can you make a workstation in a budget level. with maximum performance for 3d application and gaming. because i havent seen any comparison of professinal series of card and computer configuration on the website

thank you

amitabh verma
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  1. One thing you should know that high performance cards from nvidia and amd are designed to give high number of frames per second, and also high definition video. The graphics on the new Intel CPU falls in this category.

    Professional cards such as nvida Quadro and AMD FireGL are designed more for rendering images and therefore not suitable for games.

    For applications you mentioned you can go with gaming graphics. I would recommend getting the new Intel CPU based computer, preferably building it yourself.
  2. the h67 and p67 intel chipset has a flaw in their chip design which supports second generation i3,i5,i7 processor when will be the problem sorted out. what is the next best chipset for the second generation of processor. and why is that professinal cards are not good for gaming can you please explain.
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