WinFast GTS 250 512MB DDR3 256-bit v3

I'm considering replacing my 8500GT with this
My display resolution won't go beyond 1280x800... I can't seem to find a review of this specific model (version 3)... I tend to think that GPU's that have the low power tag don't perform pretty well in games
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  1. PSU is just fine... it's a 400W Corsair... my budget is 110$
  2. I wouldn't recommend running a HD4870 on a 400W PSU, even if it is a Corsair...

    AMD recommends 500W or greater.
  3. way over budget... that card in Romania is somewhere at 170$ or more... aren't there any benchmarks of different gts 250 cards?
  4. The PSU is a bit tight. Have you considered a 4850? A great card for that PSU, and for that resolution. Alternatively, you could go with a GTS 450 (might be pricey) as I'm running it fine on my 400W, just check you'll have enough Amps.

    Overall, I'd say a 4850 would be a solid recommendation.
  5. too bad the 450 doesn t have 256bit... the 4850 is the same as gts250... nvidia has better drivers
  6. The 450 isn't a bad card despite being 128bit, it does have DDR5 ram which is very quick. I can game on very high resolutions with all settings high, so for me it's a great GPU. The 4850 and the GTS 250 perform about the same, so you can go for whichever is cheapest. You'll see a massive increase over your current card either way!
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