System Hangs after Half an hour

Dear Tom,
I have a big problem with my pc,can you please help me.
I have an I-7 PC ,which KEPT ON HANGING when left unattended for about a half an hour.I have alredy looked for solution in bios and windows power settings ,But nothing seems to work .My device configuration is:

Intel Core i-7 980x processor
Intel Dx58SO Mother board
Ati radeon 5970HD Graphic card
Cooler Master 850 watts Silent pro Power supply
2 Hard discs (Seagate 1 TB & 2 TB)
V22+ AOC HD Monitor
Linksys Wireless Adapter on PCI card slot
Creative speaker system
2 Sony dvd Drive
Razer Lycosa illuminated Keyboard
Logitech Mouse(wired)
Please help me. Thanks in advance.Ranjeet
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  1. By hanging you mean totally crashed?

    Download core temp

    check you cpu temperature
  2. So you have disabled all power savings settings in windows?
  3. I prefer Hardware Monitor as it gives you all the system info you could possibly need.
  4. rolli59 said:
    So you have disabled all power savings settings in windows?

    power saving settings tend to crash my pc..Never knew why.I had to turn it off.
  5. Check your stand by voltage (+5SB)

    Also check the USB devices connected to your PC. You may be overloading some of the port. At sleep/power sving mode only the +5SB is used to power whatever is on the USB port(i.e. keyboard, mice).

    Its common that the USB ports are overloaded.

    Recovery or wake up is dependent on the stand-by supply.
  6. Dear dhicks19,
    I have already installed everest for temp.monitoring.Temperature of all the six cores varies between 40-45 degree I think temp is not my problem.Thanks
  7. Dear zulfadhli,
    I have already disabled power saving settings in windows.
    Thanks, Ranjeet
  8. Dear leon2006,
    How to check that USB PoRTS are overloaded. Thanks ,Ranjeet
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