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I have bought a new machine with 8 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz RAM, a AMD Phenon II X6 3 Ghz CPU with a nVidia GeForce 470 graphic card in it. I can run games like Black Ops maxed out all running fine, but games like the new AvP and JC2 aint running smooth. Apparently, no matter what options I edit, it seems theres always something in those2 games that just never makes me run it smoothly.

It is not the wallbrick of the GeForce 470's power I am seeing here, right? Arent we more talking about actually portproblems, or maybe not supporting my card to the fullest? Havent been out on the market for long.
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  1. You are right some games are better optimised and some like Nvidia cards over AMD/ATI cards. There are as you know better cards out there but unless you are running a higher resolution than 1920X1080 you shouldnt see issues with the card lacking in power.
    When you say maxed out do you mean literally every thing like AF/AA up as high as it will go ? If so then you would see some issues. AVP would want about 2x AA and up to 8 AF for around 35FPS from reviews i have seen while JC2 will hapilly take 4X AA and 16 X AF at about 45 FPS.
    Drop a few settings a little and they will obviously increase a tad.

    Mactronix :)
  2. I am running 1680x1050 since my monitor runs best in that resolution :P

    Theres always better cards, but its still over top 10-15 over graphic cards, at least last time I checked :P
  3. The GTX 470 is a great card.. maybe in the top 5-10% of GPU's availble from NVIDIA that you can still buy (or at least how I look at the market). Some games are more suited to ATI cards, others to NVIDIA. And some games are also more optimised or well built than others. A perfect example would be GTA4.

    GTA4 for the PC was a rushed project and had no end of bugs and poorly optimised graphics. Even with two highly overclocked GTX 260's in SLI (which I assume would at least match the power of a GTX 470?) I was getting around 15FPS when the game first came out. Then after a game patch I got 30FPS, and when patch v1.3 came out I was now able to run the game at 45FPS constant at 1920x1080 - everything maxed out.

    Maybe look around to see if there are any patches for the games you're having issues with?
  4. The thing is, it is steam games. So they should kinda upadate themselves :P

    But I probably think its the games. BO is poorly optimised to PC too
  5. unforutnately when it comes to jus tcause 2 the ggame feels laggy even at 45 fps.I own a gtx 275 and I lowered every possible setting to low to get 110 fps and then the game felt smooth.If you are getting random lags when turning your character in certain areas its because the game is unoptimised when it comes to frame rates.with every thing maxed out except gpu water simulation I used to get 35-45 fps but the game still didn't feel smooth so now I play the game with everything on low as the game only feels smooth at 60 plus fps.
  6. Yeah, but the game wouldnt look that great too :P
  7. Quote:
    Yeah, but the game wouldnt look that great too :P

    maybe.But I just can't stand the lags when I turn.With everything maxed out except gpu water simulation I get 35-45 fps which should be playable but if you try an run the game at 35-45 fps the game lags so much that it feels like crysis running at 15 fps.Hell even 50 fps felt laggy in the game.Do you get lags when turning the mouse in foilage in the game where there are lot of trees?
  8. Not really. I only get some lag when theres lots of grass. And sometimes it sometimes lags when theres not so much of anything.
  9. Quote:
    Not really. I only get some lag when theres lots of grass. And sometimes it sometimes lags when theres not so much of anything.

    I know the exact cause of your problem!Its because you have your shadows quality on high.Lower it to medium and leave hi-res shadows on.Then the lags in the grass will stop.I had the same problem with my gtx 275.By the way what is your average fps in the game?
  10. Are you saying no matter what Visual settings you set your game at the FPS stays the same? Because if so, you could be hitting a CPU bottleneck. I know it's a fairly new and robust CPU, but at 3.0 ghz on an AMD, that's not overly high, especially for games that would only use 1 or 2 cores. Just a thought.
  11. gtxfan I have tried that, but I cant recall it did solve my problem. I have Shadow on medium and hi ress on. I remember it did solve it, but I am still not steady. Ofc I have everything else on high.

    Petey1013 I really doubt I hit my CPU bottleneck. The CPU is fairly new too and just been released. Maybe because the game itself doesnt support six core, but srsly this CPU shouldnt be replaced within the next several years.
  12. Apparently the game runs pretty smooth now. But it doesnt allow me to run AA and AF to the highest. My adv settings are:

    Textures: High
    Shadows: Med
    AA: 8x
    AF: 2x
    Water: Very High
    Objects: Very High
    And everything on except SSAO, Point Light, Bokeh Filter and GPU Water Simulation.
  13. I found out it was the Antisophic Filter that screwed up my game. What is that for anywyas?
  14. Tell you what rather than me explain just that why not have a read of this

    Mactronix :)
  15. Ah I see, its the detail /sight on textures, kinda. I know what it is now :)

    Shouldnt it be possible for my gfx card to do this?
  16. There are differant types of AA and AF. Im running ATI and am not that familiar with Nvidia driver settings but im guessing you should have a few differant types and settings same as i have.
    Its about finding what works best for your hardware for any given game.

    Mactronix :)
  17. gtxfan said:
    unforutnately when it comes to jus tcause 2 the ggame feels laggy even at 45 fps.

    Sniper Ghost Warrior was the same. Even at over 100FPS it seemed jerky and clumbsy to control.
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