Out of ideas, next upgrade?

ok well i have run out of things to buy.
got a 950W psu on the way, 570 vid, 955X4, 6TB of hdd, SSD,
i will be darned if i can think of anything else i need/want in my system.
i have to admit thou, its not a BAD place to be, but i want something else.
cannot upgrade until AM3+ boards come out, on a AM2+ now.
i wrote MSI sales and told them i would take a big bang right now! and it was delightfully ignored by them.
as soon as that pops out i will be grabbing 8 gigs of DDR3, and a mobo, with a 8 core proc to follow after that!
just no idea what to buy today.
monitor is a 2MS LG.
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  1. Until even 6 core cpus begin outframing quad core cpus in games, I'd begin saving for the 6990 video card. (your 570 will then be used, and I will give you $100 for it!) :)
  2. 595 IS MY NEXT STEP, via STEP-UP
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