No difference between my old GTX 260 and my new GTX 460.

Hi, yesterday i bought a Gigabyte GTX 460, but i cant see any diffrence from my old GTX 260. Is it my CPU?

My mobo is:
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 620 @ 2.9Ghz
RAM: Crucial DDR3 BallistiX 1333MHz 4GB CL7
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  1. What do you mean no difference? Have you marked down scores in benchmarks or remember avg fps per game? If so and you dont have an improvement try removing old drivers with Driver Sweeper, clean install drivers or even format the PC. If that doesn't work and still see no difference in the cards RMA it. There is nothing bottlenecking in your setup.
  2. the gtx 260 and the gtx 460 perform very similarly, the 260 and the 460 768 meg are abotu even and the 1 gig is just a single step above

    look at the hiarchy,2782-7.html

    the performance gains will be minimal, the main difference is dx11
  3. g00fysmiley said:
    the gtx 260 and the gtx 460 perform very similarly, the 260 and the 460 768 meg are abotu even and the 1 gig is just a single step above

    look at the hiarchy,2782-7.html

    the performance gains will be minimal, the main difference is dx11

    ditto.If you check out you will see that for some reason in all games the gtx 260 beats gtx 460 768 mb at 2560X1600
  4. ^ Who said he has an 768mb version? Something is wrong, the 1GB GTX 460 should noticeably outperform the 260. Please try a clean install of the drivers and try again.
  5. yes if he has a gtx 460 1gb version he should get bout 10 fps better than his 260 in general except in games like crysis and metro where the difference won't be noticeable but if he has 768mb he won't see much of a difference
  6. Quote:
    Your cpu is bottlenecking.ITS TOO WEAK FOR THAT CARD.

    his cpu isn't that bad.he should see at least some improvement over his gtx 260
  7. "the gtx 260 and the gtx 460 perform very similarly, the 260 and the 460 768 meg are abotu even and the............ 1 gig is just a single step above "

    i was pointing out that his card is only one step above, i realised he has a 1gig just not much better than his gtx 260

    and yes as dip pointed out the cpu might be slowign down graphics performance I just bought an athlon II ( the 3.0 Ghz) and instead of getting a 1 gig 460 that would be wased by being bottlenecked by my new cpu i stepped down to an overclocked asus 450 TOP CU which would be an good even match .. maybe throw a phenom II in there to see gains btu its still not gonna be that much of a gain
  8. dip i think you need to update your link because you are posting a comparison between GTX 460 in SLI and a sigle GTX 260.
  9. You linked to a comparison of 460 1gb SLI vs a single 260! lol
    There's not much between the two (singles cards!) as everyone else has said, although you should see an improvement. What games are you playing and what res are you playing at? If you were already getting 60fps at 1280x1024 with a 260 then you won't see any improvement!
  10. The gtx 460 is much faster than a gtx 260.
    Take a look at the many reviews for different models at Techpowerup.
    Its about 25% faster, more if o/c- RUNNING ON A I7
    More and more games are going to show bottleneck results with a cpu like the OP has.
    Same thing would happen if he went from a 4870 to a 5870 imo.
    I would try to o/c your cpu . Also your going to be able to have the IQ settings higher with the same or better fps and min fps and are you @ 1920x1080 ?
  11. it isn't twice as powerful by any stretch of the imagination but it is a step up from the 260. compare to the 768 meg and you see the gtx 460 768 would win but slightly... now his 1 gig should be an improvment but depending on resolution it might not make a difference. and as said the cpu is hindering the card
  12. Quote:
    Your cpu is bottlenecking.ITS TOO WEAK FOR THAT CARD.

    My cpu is worse and my GTX 460 boosted things considerably. I got a wonky 8250e tri core that is pushing 2.74ghz on a decent overclock.
  13. You have to bump your overclock as well remove any saved settings in your games (for some but not all) and there are plenty of threads on this issue that can explain this better than I can.
  14. You might not get I7 #'s , but you should get a decent performance improvement.
    Its a more stout gpu. Drivers/ user settings, the way the ops rig is setup are what also effect performance.

    edit: Its easy to diagnose user error when we see a post, I added a second gpu in crossfire/sli but see no improvement. Its not so clear, when we can't see the whole picture.
  15. Could be a CPU bottleneck, but the OP didn't state what games. Toms ran a test, if you will recall, showing which games tend to be CPU bottlenecked. Some just won't be, some will.

    Running, for example, Furmark benchmarks at max rez will show a huge difference. Or Crysis. RE5 wouldn't tho, that one tends to be CPU bound.
  16. What model is your hard drive? A slow drive can bottleneck the most expensive system as much as it can the cheapest. Also are you using windows with all features installed? If so disable some of the crap, google search Vista/win 7 tweaks.
  17. I dont know the exact model but the hard drive is a 7200RPM drive from WD.. My resolution is 1440x900.. and a wierd thing is that GTA SA for example is runnin worse (lower FPS) with my 460 that it did with the GTX 260..
  18. Hmm it must be a settings file slogging your system. There have been people who reported the same issue as you only to later have a fairly nice boost however I am not sure of the same for GTA IV. I get 30-40 fps with mine in gta iv however I am using a SSD for paging and but am running a lower cpu than you.

    My rig

    GTX460 1gb Gigabyte 715mhz core
    8250e @2.7ghz
    Main boot drive WD Caviar Blue 640gb w/mod
    Gigabyte ga-ma790x-ds4 w/mods
    8GB Slow as molasses DDR2
    Res 1280x1024 (ancient crt screens) <.<

    Most games are tricky 30-40fps is common while some are floating in around 90+ like Risen or Gothic 3 w/mods

    So my advice it nuke that cpu and come back to see how things go. Try a small 200mhz overclock to 3.1ghz and do a few runs.
  19. ye.. assassins creed II and GTA IV, but the same result..
  20. ok ill do that :)
  21. lawl gta >_<

    not just a console port but a console port that seemingly brings computers to a halt trying to make up for the bad programming

    yea heaven benchmark should show the real deal. or maybe furmark
  22. Heaven isn't the best test because on the 260 it'll run DX10 while on the 460 it'll run DX11 and tesslation, tho turning tess off will even it out.

    I'd recommend doing a system clean up too. My favorite apps for that are Driver Sweeper, Ccleaner and a disk defrag (I use Auslogics). All are free. I'd recommend Driver Sweeper to delete all you drivers for video and maybe audio too, and then reinstall only the ones you use (for example, if you use the video card's HDMI audio you probably don't need the motherboard audio, and vise versa). Sometimes issues like this are just simple conflicting drivers.

    I'd also recommend running Driver Detective just to check if you're all up to date, as well as the BIOS update program you should have got with your motherboard CD.
  23. Quote:
    Your hdd is fine.Hdd has zero effect on framerate.Do you have any other games?

    You must not be very bright and most likely forgot about what a swap files is and what it does. Most modern operating systems use it for the exception of a small few for embedded devices and mobile phones. Second it doesn't do sequential read or writes but however does random 4k read writes up to 1mb in size. The vast majority of hard drives out there have very poor random 4k performance compared to SSD devices.
  24. Quote:

    Fine MR. Millionaire Go purchase a SSD and install it for as a paging drive then play GTA IV once done switch the file back to the boot drive then note the performance difference.
  25. Quote:
    dual slots on your motherboard, run PhysX..

    What makes you bring up PhysX? Is that a stab at my set up?
  26. A GT240 isn't that bad as people make it out to be as a physx card.
  27. It's worked great as a PhysX card. It's even only on a 4x PCIe 1.1 slot (Asus P7P55D Pro mobo has two 8x/8x lanes and one 4x lane through the southbridge).

    To be honest I've only noticed a framerate drop once due to physx, and that was when there was this huge explosion in Mafia 2 - but all the debris and cloth and smoke throughout the rest of the game it was fine. Batman, Mirror's Edge, Metro 2033 all definitely had no problems. Basically the card is generally only being used 10-30%, and only in really intense areas gets up to maybe 50-70%, almost never does it get fully utilized. Although in Fluidmark, it can only max out at around 83% usage due to the bandwidth issue of the 4x PCIe 1.1 lane.

    dip - can't say it affected framerates in the least, but I moved a few games onto it and it definitely helped a lot with load times.
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