Nvidia 460 the best drivers for it.


guys what drivers do you use for the 460 series? I have read that the 260.99 WHQL driver from nVidia are pretty buggy.

i use older driver on my MSI 460 GTX Hawk talon attack.

But what i noticed is that i get LOW FPS and in the same time LOW GPU use, even tough i have overclocked the card @ 930MHz (stable) stock is 811. And no improvment at all in the FPS.. I have as well find allot info on the internet about the latest drivers, complaining about the same issue and as well some other buggs. Any suggestions? What drivers should i really run atm?

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  1. I am using 258.96 although I will be honest that I rarely update and only updated from 192 something when I had bought my GTX 460 for my birthday last September.
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