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Hello all,

I'm building a new gaming rig and am still deciding on what GPU set-up to go. I will be gaming strictly at 1920x1080 and have a 500$ budget on the GPU's. However I'm at a cross-road of which set-up would be better in terms of performance,noise level,heating,efficiency, 2x6870s or 1x 5970?

Help? and thanks
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  1. Why don't you wait a week to see how the 570 and the 69xx play out.

    I'd be getting 6850x2 right now if you have your heart set on ATI/AMD
  2. How do 6850CF par up to a single 6970? Are there any benchmarks out?
  3. No, cause the 6970 isn't out yet. Speculation is that should it be somewhere between a 480 and 580 as far as performance goes.
  4. Oops, that was a typo, I meant are there any benchmarks out for 6850cf vs a 5970
  5. I haven't seen many benchmarks, all I can say is that the benchmarks I've seen with the 6850/6870 scaling is awesome. (near 100% in some cases) compared to the 5xxx series seems like it's a LOT better.
  6. Here's your info: http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-6850-6870-crossfirex-review/4

    6850cf will blow away a single 6870.
  7. Thanks, but I wanted to see benchmarks for 6850cf vs a single 5970
  8. O sorry, I misread, in that case, I'd say lookup the comparision between the 6870 and 5970 and then compare to the link I provided.

    I haven't found anything comparing the 6850cf to the 5970 but it may be out there.
  9. In single card configs, the 58xx seems about 10-15% faster than the equiv 68xx. In crossfire, the 68xx scale better making them almost completely even with their 58xx counterparts.

    With that in mind, you can probably use this comparison (which shows the 5850 almost the same as a 5970):


    As far as those two cards, I think it is a toss up (I'd probably get the 5970 just because it is a single card and maybe you can SLI them down the road if you want).

    For $500 the AMD solution I'd get would be the 6870 CF.
  10. Crossfire 6870's are 11% better than a 5970:


    Crossfire 6850's are 1% better than a 5970, BUT they overclock better than the 6870's:

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