How do i know if my cpu is bad or over heating?

how do i know if my cpu is bad or over heating?
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  1. If the system keeps shutting or slowing down under use is one indication. If you are having these symptoms then maybe cleaning the internals of the computer will help, with special attention to all heat sinks and fans.
  2. Download HW Monitor and see what temperatures your CPU is reaching. Also check the BIOS for temperature readings. You can check this against the expected temperature range for your CPU.
  3. Download CPU temp from here:

    Check your temps and report back to us with your hardware specs.

    Usually when a cpu overheats to the extent that damage is possible then the pc automatically shuts down or makes warning noises.

    Its always worth cleaning the internals and replacing the cpu thermal paste once in a while with a decent silver paste like this:
  4. Give us some of your systems failure symptoms
  5. The only sure way to test a CPU is by substituting a known good one.

    Temperature monitoring software will tell you if the CPU is overheating.
  6. Hi,I have a Toshiba Satellite A665-S6056 for about a year. A week ago it started to shut down due to heat automatically and i also smelled something burning. I donot know if the cpu is damaged or the motherboard or both. How do i check this? Should I replace both?
  7. I cleaned everything but it still shuts down. The fan doesnt even speed up to cool down the laptop. I hav a Toshiba Satellite A665-S6056 for a year and it's giving me this problem. I would like to know how to check which is damaged. I checked my ram and HDD.
  8. Please help
  9. knowing if my cpu is damaged is difficult but some symptoms are
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