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Best OC capable Z68 Motherboard under $200

I've shortlisted 3:

MSI Z68A-GD55 (G3) [My current choice]

Please suggest some other non-ASRock(not available in India, due to after sale service issues) Z68 board, that'd go well with a i5 2500K when overclocked to 4.2-4.6 GHz.

I'll list down the rest of the semi-finalized items for the rig as well, so that you can point out any known conflicts/bottlenecks.

MSI GTX 560TI Hawk (Would go for a SLI some point in time, so keep that in mind while suggesting the board, I will upgrade the PSU for that but not the board, later)
Seasonic S12II 620
Corsair 400R Carbide
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Corsair Low Profile 1600Hz (8 GB=4x2)

Plus, a suggestion on the HD 6950 2GB vs 560TI Hawk debate. (To me, 560 TI>HD 6950 even though I'd have less memory because I can go overclock crazy with it)
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    The Asus P8Z68V would be your best option since Asus boards are very user friendly for overclocking and have a lot of settingd for adjustments.,3085-7.html

    This chart shows the two cards are on the same level so it would be a choice of which one you like more and the extra vram only comes into play with multiple monitors.
  2. There is a Z68 board from Biostar that is cheap:
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