460 on this mobo?

Hello, I'm looking at this nvidia 460 but I'm not sure if this mobo will be able to support it plus I will want to sli it but the mobo says crossfire so idk if i can sli it.

Heres the mobo


Sorry i'm still learning about computer hardware so bare with me.
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  1. This is an AMD/Crossfire board so no you cannot SLI in the future. About the card, all it needs is a PCI 2.0 capable mobo and this certainly has. Why are you planning to SLI in the future have you ever had a 2 gpu configuration?
  2. ok but I still can use the 460 on that board?
  3. The motherboard you posted will not allow for SLI, it only supports crossfire. It also has 4 PCI-E slots which is most likely not needed, below is a decent motherboard that has two PCI-E slots (all that you will need), costs less and supports SLI...


    As for that video card, it is nice but you might want to go with the following as you're paying too much for the one you listed...


    which is only $179.99 after mail-in rebate.
  4. Yes you can, the question is why this board? i copy from the specs of the board here :
    4 x PCI Express 2.0 x16

    Slot configurations:
    Dual CrossFire (16X+16X)
    Quad CrossFire (8X+8X+8X+8X)

    This is clearly a crossfire recommended board. You can save money by getting another board and get a GTX 470. As i said the only thing that the vga cards need is one x16 PCI express slot.
  5. Well I wanted to try nvidia card because I've always owned ATI and I have this mobo on my other pc and I absoutley love this mobo.I do have 2 5850 on my pc but never sli. I don't know much about sli so thats why my question was dumb.

    So I can still use this 460 on this mobo even if i don't want to sli?
    I just ask that because i didn't know i could do that on a xfire board.
  6. Excuse me let me get this straight : you own this board with 2 5850 in crossfire and you want a GTX 460?
  7. yea i just wanted to see if it was possible to sli it plus I'm getting a 460 hawk for free and wanted to try it out on my mobo.
  8. Now you are telling the whole story. Ok so to clear this up :

    1)Yes you can have a single MSI 460 on that board but not SLI.
    2)After 5 minutes gameplay you will put back the x2 5850 because you will see a 50% drop in FPS :)
  9. +1^
  10. Yes you can use the card and will work fine. Using a Gigabyte GTX 460 on a 790x board. SLI hehe the answer is yes if you know how to do a google search to find the hack (software) that I tested my self and works. Enabled sli on my Gigabyte ga-ma790x-ds4 using two 9800gt 1gb editions. Win Vista x64.
  11. meh I just wanted to try the 460 by itself and see how i like it and if i do sli it but now I'm kinda getting turn down by it.

    I'm thinking of getting 2 msi 6870 twin frozrII.
    I'm a big msi fan as you can see.
  12. Wait for the 6970 to crossfire if anything, it's just around the corner and would warrant much more of an upgrade compared to the 6870's in crossfire.
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