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Hi all first poster here,
Starting a new PC build and was wondering what memory i should be getting based on my Mobo and CPU i have chosen?
I'm just unsure, as iirc, AMD processors have their own specifications on what memory can be used (speed, type, etc) and obviously so does the Mobo itself, and i am not entirely familiar with the new bulldozer CPU's; in fact I've heard a few negative things about them, but i'm just putting this down to early release bugs and are hopefully a bit more stable now.
Thanks for the help guys!

Below are the links to mentioned components:
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  1. The memory your MB supports is as follows:
    Max Supported Memory 32 GB
    Supported RAM Technology DDR3 SDRAM
    Supported RAM Speed 1600 MHz, 1333 MHz, 1066 MHz, 800 MHz
    Supported RAM (Registered or Buffered) Unbuffered
    RAM Features Dual channel memory architecture

    So any DDR3 1600MHz RAM will work. Just get one of the well known brands.
  2. Corsair 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz Vengeance "low Profile" Memory Kit CL9 1.5V

    Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profile)

  3. Thanks for the info guys, exactly what i wanted to hear! Thought about getting an 8GB set for now (2x4GB) so i might go for the 8GB corsair set.
  4. "and i am not entirely familiar with the new bulldozer CPU's; " If you do any reading on Tom's you must have seen reviews of BullDozer CPUs. What are your main uses for this build? If it's gaming you may (should) consider am Intel build.
  5. The build is a fairly balanced one with no specific thing in mind; some gaming, 3d modeling/animating, daily use (internet, etc). I just wanted a motherboard which would last a fair while, and i figured a board with such high RAM capacity, 3TB HDD support, 4 PCI slots, bulldozer AM3+ support etc, it would last a fair while. Unfortunately it is on a budget, which is why I opted for the AMD counterpart, as intel builds seem to be a lot more expensive albeit usually higher specs.

    As for the bulldozer CPU's, I only just found that one for sale yesterday, last time I checked which was before xmas it was not available for sale on ebuyer, so I was oroginally going to go for an older AM3 Phenom X6 1055T. I will have a look over the reviews now though, thanks!
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