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I've got a perticulary incidious problem currently plaguing my computer. Ive had the system built about a year now with no problems. I7 and an EVGA X58 with a geforce GTX 285. 6Gig of ram, running windows 7 64.
The problem is a complete system lockup, nothing shy of a hard reboot works. I started noticing it when i got dead rising 2 and tried to play multiplayer with someone. A swing or 2 in and it would lock. I thought for a while it was just crappy game code with GFWL or something but then i started seeing it happen with borderlands and Dawn of War 2. DOW2 is the easiset way to lock it, typicly a few seconds after getting to the menu screen it locks. Borderlands locks randomly, sometimes during loadup sometimes a few mins into the game. Dead rising 2 works perfectly fine untill i try to play mplayer. Ive seen it happen once with company of heros when i tried to quit the game. and it also happens with bioshock 2. Dragons age works flawlessly for hours on end and left 4 dead 2 seems to work perfectly fine as well as done a handfull of other games. It is important to note that all of the problem games worked perfectly back in oct/nov time frame.
Sofar i have run the W7 mem test as well as memtest86 a few times with no findings. I've stressed the CPU to 100% for an hour or so with no problems, ive run some stress tests on the video card with no issues. I've cleaned out fans and whatnot to cover a heat flow issue or something. I completed a complete system reinstall over the weekend with no signifigant change (DOW2 played for a half hour then it started freezeing again, it is now back to what it was donig before). During the install i got the latest chipset/lan/soundcard drivers from evga website and the latest nvida drivers from their site. I installed gfwl from their website installer(isntead of steam doing it) i installed directx from the web installer as well. I have never seen it freeze using a desktop app (win media player, winamp, IE, ect)
Anyone got any ideas cause im about to throw the thing out the window at this point...
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  1. This was not associated with a nvidia driver update at the time?
  2. Not as far as i can tell unless it updated itself without telling me. This started up seemingly out of nowhere before I did anything other then standard windows security updates and normal use.
  3. Normally issues like that happen after a driver update especially after things have been running fine. You could try rolling back to drivers that was released before the date of the issues starting.
  4. Ok so i tried the a couple of older versions both let me play DOW2 for about 10 mins before it locked up. I also tryed the stock windows driveres for it which also gave me 10 or 15 mins. All of them still caused a lockup tho so they may have done nothing and the exta play time may have just been a fluke.
  5. Ok so it looks like the soundcard either got some bad drivers or went bad. Disabled that and installed an Xfi which seems to have made the problem go away.
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