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Do two different 5 series cards together require 2 drivers or 1?

I have a HIS Radeon 5850 and I want to buy an additional 5450 for 4 monitors. Will I need to have 2 drivers running in windows or is one ATI driver for the 5 series good for all 5 series cards?
If this helps, mobo is:
Gigabyte UD2 with all 16 pci express 2.0 lanes on one slot and 4 pci express 1.0 lanes from P55 on another.
I don't want performance on the second card... it just has to take up one slot, and be silent. HD 5850 is on the 16 lanes and the crudy 5450 will be on the 4 lanes since it's just for productivity.
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  1. I am not sure this will even work, but if it does, when you install Catalyst, it will be the same driver for both GPUs.

    You certainly can't Crossfire these GPUs, they would need to be the same class of GPU for that to work.

    What are you displaying with all of these monitors?
  2. I know I can't crossfire ;P
    I just need more screen real-estate... in other words i need to hook up 4 monitors as separate desktops.
    I will not use eyefinity.
    No crossfiring.
    I am just asking whether the Catylst driver is card specific or series specific.
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    Series specific. Same driver for both cards. If it works, please report back the results. Good luck!
  4. Thanks. Well it's going to be a cheap Christmas present, so it'll take a while to post anything back ;P
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