Please update to the latest bios version using ez flash 2 frozen

Can anyone help me......i keep getting this message "please update to the latest bios version using ez flash 2" and when i try to select and option the keyboard seems to be frozen....and even when i get into the BIOS I get the same problem (keyboard seems frozen) and a long beep... I don't have any access to my pc right now...plz help.
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  1. If you can get into the bios, try disabling any "boot block" or "virus protection" settings before attempting to flash. If no luck, unplug your system and remove the motherboard battery for one minute and reinstall, which resets the bios.
  2. I have tried this.......and also tried the 'jumper' reset... no luck.....
  3. All I can recommend is to remove the board battery and leave it out overnight. Asus has a "crash recovery program" on some of it's motherboard cd's, requiring a special procedure to recover the bios. Will check on this.
  4. Oh ok cool, well i will check out the your previous link and i'll let you know what happens. thanks again for your help
  5. Hey, I was doing some web surfing and came across a program called "crashfree bios" do you know anything about it

    (if yes) - where can i download this and dose it work?

    (if no) - can you see what info you can get for me?
  6. It's a program that's only on some asus original cd's for some of their motherboards. You may find it in the "utilities" section if you have the original cd for your board. Load the cd in another computer and check the files. It should have instructions for it somewhere if your cd came with the file.
  7. will do.
  8. Ok i tried everything ......i left the battery out for a while placed it back...same result, finally got the PC to start and i tried the Motherboard support CD and i installed the bios update thing and then a message came up stating that i have to restart the system for changes to take effect... the PC has not started back up since....i'v been trying for hrs on end........any other solutions will be appreciated.

    also im beginning to think that the board might be going back :( ........ this is a new system... i'm a young (newbe) I.T Tech........and i built the PC for myself for the first time.

    AUSU motherboard M4A87TD EVO
    2x 4gb ram
    500W power supply
    (2nd hand optical drive)
    Nvidia GeForce Video card
    Not sure about the processor
    and 500gb HD (half way filled)
  9. Request the rma from asus or return to your vender. All you have to tell asus is that the board won't post and give them 24 hours to issue an rma number. You must wrap the board carefully; it will be thoroughly inspected for surface damage at asus.
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