Sandy bridge build. Looking for help on component choice

Hey, guys. So I am looking to build a new sandy bridge based platform using a p67 mobo. Ive chosen most of the parts and my place of purchase will most likely be ncix canada or newegg canada. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to keep it around the thousand dollar mark. I already have all my peripherals so i dont need a mouse/keyboard or screen. I am just looking at the tower

So the parts that i have chosen so far are.

Corsair HX650

G.skill ripjaws 8GB 2x4 rated at cas 9 at 1600

asus p8p67 evo board

i5 2500k processor

WD blue 500g harddrive ( I hope to upgrade to SSD and a WD 2tb green later but it looks like the budget wont allow it at the moment)

any random dvd drive. I dont care for a blu ray player

MSI (gtx 460 cyclone or if i can make it work a gtx 560 twin frozer. Both cards are 1 gig of course)

coolmaster hyper 212 heatsink ( to overclock the unlocked i5) :D

I am really undecided on the case sadly. I've been looking anywhere from the antec 300 to 900 as well as the corsair 600t or 650d which was showcased at ces. The only restraint i have is that it has to be a mid tower.

I really want a quiet computer with a windowed side panel. but if i have to sacrifice one id drop the window.

Anyways non of this is set in stone so any suggestions would be absolutely awesome! i really want to keep it under 1100 including tax. In canadian.

Thanks for the help guys! :D
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  1. Anyone at all willing to help me out?
  2. I would drop the Corsair HX650 and get an AX750 or AX850.....totally modular cabling and more reliable. Not much extra loot for a big improvement in performance...the AX series are gold rated. I was told by my dealer the HX has a higher return rate. Another good make for reliability is Antec (the gold rated stuff).

    My dealer won't carry G.Skill because of its' high RMA rate. They used to sell it but got too much back. I buy Kingston cause it works great and doesn't blue screen on me. I will just add that while they don't have the sex appeal of a Corsair or G.Skill, Kingston RAM is the most reliable. Which would you rather have....a reliable car or one that is in the shop a lot? Checkout this site for a report on RMA's.

    If you are dead set on getting an 1155 socket setup, I would get the Pro or Deluxe board over the EVO but there isn't a lot of difference. Do a comparison on the ASUS site to see the feature differences between them.

    If you must buy a Sandy Bridge, the 2500k is the best choice for the buck. I had one for 3 weeks but dumped it after the chip recall and went to the i7-950 CPU with a Sabertooth X58 and i love it. I didn't care for the SB setup too much....had lots of issues besides the recall, especially lots of freeze ups and this is common from what I have read on forums. My Sabertooth has been bullet proof and not so much as a hiccup in performance....I like it.

    I would go with the black series WD over the blue...there isn't a lot of difference in price. An SSD is certainly a huge performance booster, more than most people realize. I got an OCZ Vertez 2 120GB on clearance and was astounded by the huge boost in speed. Liked it so much I put one in my two year old laptop and it is now like a new machine!

    Any of the GPU's at or above a GTX460 is great. I went with an ASUS 6950 up from a GTX 260 in my last system and like it a lot. Hard to see any big diff though in actual use unless one is doing testing with special software.

    The CM 212+ is a great cooler and very much needed if you want to OC. The 2500k runs OC'ed at 4.4-5.0GHz and that creates a lot of heat. Another good one is the Scythe Mugen.

    For a case, I like the Cooler Master 690 Adv. II for its' features and low price. But, if I had had enough width in my desk slot, I would have picked the Corsair is the best case out there for a mid sized. For full size, the Corsair 800 rocks.

    Anyway, you are on the right track with your setup. Enjoy your system. Hope this helps a bit.
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