I7-2600k Build, Buying Today, Last Advice?

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  1. The power supply is a bit overkill unless you plan on adding a second video card and or serious overclocking. "Gold series" stuff typically makes things just cost more in my opinion, but others will say different. Also 750 watts I think will do you fine even if you decide to go SLI with another GTX 570. Plus you would save money.

    I'm using this psu just fine. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006
  2. Thank for the advice and link. The PSU was question of mine.
  3. Well done ..... The PSU is perfectly sized for a 2nd 570. Only things I'd consider changing:

    Case / PSU is costing ya $390

    This combo is $240

    The Antec PSU is every bit the equal in electrical performance as the AX-850 and is noticeably quieter due to the CPX form factor. I have built with both cases and, to my liking, the Antec is the better case to build in. Aesthetics of course is subjective and I will leave you to your own devices there. That $150 can be put to good use elsewhere.

    Ya paying $534 for the MoBo / CPU .... $34 cheaper at newegg

    Skip the tall heat sinks as they can interfere w/ ya CPU cooler. Would suggest low profile type like:

    Better yet, both those are CAS 9, CAS 7 is a bit more $ but worth considering.

    I'd buy the case window fan when / if ya add a 2nd GFX card

    The SSD is the 2nd fastest at read speeds ... Corsair Performance 3 is faster but $60 more. However both are considerably slower in write speeds. If this is a concern because of swap file, temp file and scractch disk usage, the Vertex 2's are substantially faster in write speeds. The Vertex 2's just went up $35 and the Vertex 3's (550 Mbs) will arrive in 2nd quarter


    The 212 is a great budget cooler but you're not building a budget system. Step up tot he Scythe Muhen 2 SCMG 2100 and buy some TIM w/ it

  4. Thanks for the GREAT suggestions and links! I will take these into account when purchasing.
  5. Nice build man, I have a similar one with pieces in the mail as we speak :)

    Have fun with the build!
  6. Thanks! Hopefully for both of us it runs well! Good Luck!
  7. Very similar to mine but im going with eyefinity and 3 monitors.
  8. Nice. If only I had 3 monitors, ha. Jealous.
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