Dual temp display on single-core g-card?

i use my tv to view my temps and what not when playing a game i have it hooked up through an hdmi cable and i noticed on HWmoniter was showing 2 temp readouts for the my g-card sometimes haveing a difference onf 1-5C i have an asus matrix 5870 2g is it possible that by using my tv as an extra display im cutting a fps away from my game? cause i also noticed having a few tabs open on google chrome will drastically lower my fps

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  1. You dont need to have your TV to view your temps. As you can see in the HW monitor there is a MIN and MAX value. Turn off the TV play on one monitor and after you done playing open the HW monitor to see how the temps went. If your VGA gives signals to 2 screens ofcourse you will see FPS drops.
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