Directly wired works fine but can't get any network shares with Linksys Befw1154

Okay just to let you know this is how it is set up.
this is for a POS system that uses a back office computer.
So the original configuration was 2 cables directly going to POS station 1 and CC machine 1 fed from a D-link Gigabit switch.
The company decided to add POS station 2 and CC machine 2.
I was provided with a Linksys Befw1154 wireless router/ 4 port switch.
When directly wired to POS 1 and CC 1 It can communicate with network drive P: (network shared)
But upon connecting the Linksys to the POS 1 connection and connecting the Linksys to POS 1 It could no longer see network shares. But directly wired it is fine.
Any Ideas on settings I can change in the router? Or is this thing as big of a P.O.S. as I think it is?
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  1. ok so I can access the server computer by searching for the ip address and see all the shared files but I cannot map a drive to the P: drive. any ideas?
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