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I am looking to build a new PC, I want to get all the parts from, as they are close to me, and match online prices. Mostly gaming and light photoshop usage. Looking to spend a max of $1350 Canadian. I need a new monitor included in that price, hoping for a 24 incher. Here is what I kind of picked out already, feel free to stomp on it. Thanks in advance for any help, take care.

Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid Tower
ILC: 843591009713 SKU: MX30870

Intel Core™ i5-2500K Processor, 3.30GHz w/ 6MB Cache
ILC: 735858217354 SKU: MX31557

Asus P8P67 PRO w/ DualDDR3 1600, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Lan, 1394, Bluetooth, CrossFireX /SLI
ILC: 610839177752 SKU: MX31630

Patriot Extreme Performance Sector 5 G Series DDR3 8GB (2 x 4GB) PC3-10666 Enhanced Latency Kit
ILC: 879699009560 SKU: MX30006

Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green 5400rpm SATA II w/ 64MB Cache

Samsung SH-S223C 22x SpeedPlus™ DVD-Writer, SATA, Black, OEM
ILC: 729507943961 SKU: MX26870

eVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti SuperClocked 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E w/ Dual DVI, HDMI
ILC: 843368015527 SKU: MX32014

Corsair TX 750W Power Supply w/ 140mm Fan
ILC: 843591000406 SKU: MX18779

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (64-bit) DVD - OEM
ILC: GFC-00599 SKU: MX25758

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  1. Case: the HAF 922 is a cheaper and cooler (temp wise) case
    Mobo: Asrock extreme4 has same features but is cheaper make sure to update BIOS for better overclocking
    RAM: get a ddr3 2x4gb set from g skill mushkin or corsair that runs at 1.5v and 1333 you don't need amazing RAM to overclock SB
    HDD: that thing is super slow try for the samsung spinpoint f3 1tb
    ODD: I own this and it is crap go for an Asus, or LG instead this is super noisy
    GPU: the 6950 1gb is a better deal
    PSU: look at the ea750 it is super cheap at newegg right now
    OS: if you don't qualify get a friend/family/mafia member to get it for you
  2. The 570 is a great card but the 6950 1gb will be fine for his uses at 1920x1080 if higher than that the 570 would be the way to go.
  3. ^ Agreed. The 6950 1GB gets advantages because of its architecture, that great bandwidth, etc. etc. that are on the 6950 give it advantages at high resolution. At resolutions high than 1920x1080 (or equal) it beasts especially at max settings like 8x AA
  4. Get DDR3 1333CL7 or faster RAM (1600CL9 will do). Slower than that will bottleneck a high-end system in some situations:,2792-19.html

    You can get the MSI 6950 2GB for the same price as the 1GB 6950's. The 2GB will matter if you plan on unlocking to a 6970 and running at high resolutions.

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB--low power hard drives don't save you much money--go for performance.

    Other than that, I think joelmartinez had great suggestions in his first post.
  5. ^ That has been proven not true. The 2 GB actually did not effect the FPS of the 6950 1gb at 2560x1080 or 1920x1080 that much.

    But yes the unlocking to the 6970 only works on the 2GB models because of the different parts.
  6. aznshinobi, how can we get you money for your i5-2500K build? I'd like to start a thread for trying to get people to donate to you. I'm only willing to give $10-$12 bucks at the most.

    It seems like a completely unnecessary charity so I think it's a fun idea. Any tips?
  7. Haha its fine Dalauder, (unlesss your being cereal).

    Actually that was the whole reason I started the site in my sig, to get money through Amazon Recommendations and stuff like that. Haha, 1500$ was my budget for my build. That or 1000$. IDK yet. But uhh that's very thoughtful dalauder, less you were poking fun XD
  8. No, I like stupid ideas. And acting like somebody's new computer is a legitimate charity is a stupid idea--so I was down with it. I'm kinda new though and I wasn't sure if starting a thread in the New Computer section for soliciting donations for someone random counts as solicatation or violation of rules.

    And I've been perm banned for double-clicking post buttons on some sites (slickdeals), so I'm worried because I like Tom's Hardware.
  9. slickdeals banned you because they thought you were gonna flood that isn't nice

    sorry shinobs I wouldn't donate need to save every penny for x68 and another monitor
  10. Haha its ok, I don't know if THG would let you, You'll have to ask the mods for that.

    As for Joel, its K, It's not x68 though I thought it was Z67?
  11. I think z67 is 2nd gen sb, ib and x68 was the one that supported pci-e 3.0 and is coming in another year
  12. OH I thought you were talking about the one (Z67) coming out this year Q2. Guess not.
  13. No I need much longer to save, getting a vertex 3 pro once they come out and then have to save up for another monitor, and then x68
  14. Ahhh I see
  15. All I need is dual SSD's and a second GTX 470 (got my first for $200). Then I'm all good for 7.9 WEI across the board (they really should reset it to an 8.6 or so). I suppose if one GTX 470 gets a 7.8 stock, I should just OC it for the 7.9? But this isn't a wishlist thread...

    tofugutpunch, how's your build coming along? Did you get the 6950 2GB, GTX 560 Ti, or 6950 1GB?
  16. aznshinobi said:
    ^ That has been proven not true. The 2 GB actually did not effect the FPS of the 6950 1gb at 2560x1080 or 1920x1080 that much.

    Oh, I meant higher resolution than that--like 2x 1920x1200 or other ridiculous stuff.
  17. ^ Ahhh I see.
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