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i have bought edifier M3500 (5.1) speakers,now i m looking for a good sound card for windows 7 that would give a good sond mixing. what i really want is the bass to be perfect.
can any1 guide me abt some model of sound card along with price.
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  1. Asus DG is good and affordable.$30
  2. would dat give me real bass??
    and i am from pakistan would it be available here?
  3. Your bass is determined by the quality of the subwoofer more then anything else.
    Phone these guys and see if they stock Asus sound cards.
  4. Question: Are you using analog or digital for your connection?? The DG is a good card, but more suited for headphone use, so I typically recommend either the ASUS DS or the slightly more well rounded ASUS D1/DX for people using an analog hookup instead of the DG.
  5. am using digital,,
    i need gud bass from my wooferz which card will be suitable then??
  6. davcon said:
    Asus DG is good and affordable.$30

    I use the Xonar DG myself with my Creative 4.1 surround sound and it is great
    For a cheap card the sound is terrific
    My bass can easily bother the neighbors and make the house vibrate LOL
  7. Try using the onboard sound first.. Then if you are not satisfied with it, look out for a card to boost things up..
  8. Since you are not using headphones, using digital, and because I'm unsure whether Dolby or DTS [or both] is supported for your speakers, the cards I recommend are:

    1: HT Omega Striker (~$75)
    2: Auzentech Meridian 2G (~$160)
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