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I've done my research and adjusted my overall performance to the price value.
Here's what i come up with after 2 days intensive research.


Intel® Core™ i5-2500

Antec TruePower New Series TP-750

Motherboard Socket 1155

G.Skill 8 GB DDR3-1333 Kit

Monitor: Samsung XL2370
Case:Antec Nine Hundred II
HDD: Samsung HD103SJ
B-R: LG CH10LS10

Additional information:
I am from Belgium and a hardcore MMORPG'er
I won't be going for CF (Too expensive) or OC (No actual experience and using 6870 anyway)

In case you need a link to the products or need extra information, just say so.
Every single piece of advise/comment is welcome and will be appreciated :3
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  1. Looks good, The only change I could see is you could possibly get a lower power PSU since your not going to CF or overclock. See how much a 600w or 550w (GOOD) PSU saves you. Say like the 550 EarthWatt or something.

    Otherwise the power of the GPU is good enough for an MMORPG that's for sure. Even Vindictus (Mabinogi Legends) or ummmm Silkroad. Etc etc.
  2. As previously said this looks pretty solid

    change to a 500-650w psu from corsair, antec, seasonic, xfx, if other please check here

    Case: HAF 922 is better not sure about pricing in belgium though
  3. ^ The 902 is pretty solid. I personally have one really solid. Got cable management holes, got some good color scheme and a really nice fan controller for the top and back fans as well as for the front two so you don't need em. Plus dust filters.
  4. Oh, the reason why i thought i needed more is because i am using HD 4870 and E8400 with 520W at the moment. Considering the shop that i'm buying from only has Earthwatt 650. I am going for be quiet! Straight P. E8 CM 580W.

    And as for the case, i don't really care to be honest. But i don't think you said that without a good reason. So i'll go with the Cooler Master HAF RC-922M as you suggested. Saves me 10 EUR as well, haha :D

    Thank you for your inputs :3
  5. Well you could even use the same PSU. The 4870 was a real energy sucker. 160-170 TDP if i'm correct. While the 6870 only has a 151w TDP. So You could use that 520W PSU again. Which PSU exactly is that 520w?
  6. Scale back on your PSU - 500 watts is plenty if you are not going to crossfire. Overclocking is simple these days with the easy utilities available - You might find the UEFI Bios on the ASUS P8P67 LE LGA with an i5-2500k CPU a good introduction to the OC world.
  7. Well, i'm using the Corsair HX520W, but i can't use this one as i need this computer to function as well.
  8. Well the 2500 offers good enough performance for MMOs I don't think he needs to OC but thats just me
  9. The main reason i don't consider OC is because the shop builds the PC for me as i request the parts. So the warranty will automatically drop if i attempt to OC.

    And i play MMOs, not FPS like Crysis 2. But i have to admit that the games i probably will play in the future like RIFT, Tera, Vindictus, Blade and Soul aren't your average MMOs.
  10. Over, I will tell you right now. Vindictus is not graphically or processor-ily (if thats a word) depanding.

    I actually was part of the Vindictus beta and it was easy to run at max. My rig is a 5850 and a 955 OC'd to 3.6ghz. It was really easy to run at max. All things maxed out and it ran smoothly at 1680x1050. So I think you'll be fine w/o any OCs because....

    6870>5850 (by a bit) and 2500>955. So you'll be fine.
  11. ^+1 OC isn't really necessary because of turbo boost
  12. Isn't Vindictus is a bit demanding compared to other MMOs if you look at the specs

    Need comment on this please : Changing my motherboard to something cheaper is okay? This saves me 30 EUR, but not sure if it's worth it.

    ASUS P8H67 --> GIGABYTE GA-H67M-D2
  13. Yeah it's fine because you don't plan on OCing and CFing. H67 is the M-ATX disadvantage, but yeahh.....

    Vindictus is more graphically demanding but on my stock 5850 I was able to run max AA and all the settings at highest. With a Stock 955 as well. If the 6870>5850 and the i5 2500>955 (AS I EXPLAINED!) Then it'll run fine.
  14. If you have not already purchased, you might want to look at this article: Intel Identifies Cougar Point Chipset Error, Halts Shipments
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