Intel r g33 g31 express chipset family or Nvidia gt220?

I recently bought a Hp computer and it come with the Intel r g33 g31 express chipset family and i would like to upgrade my graphics card to suit world of warcraft in particular, i have been recommended the Nvidia gt220
Could i get some positive feedback thanks :)
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  1. GT220 is a hell of a lot better than the integrated G31 or G33 chipsets, but it's not much of a gaming card even for WOW. What is your price range and system specs? Cards like the 5670 can usually be found for a similar price and are much better gaming cards.
  2. My price range would probably stop at around $200.
    Hp p6220a.
    windows 7 home premium 64 bit.
    Pentium(R) duel core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.60GHz
    2Gb Ram
    Intel (R) g33 g31 express chipset family
  3. What is the rating of your power supply and are you stuck with low profile or do you have a full size case? Also what is the resolution of your monitor?

    $200 can get you a heck of a card if you have the space and power to support it. The fact that you were recomended a GT220 makes be think you may be limited by that so thats why I suggested a 5670, but if that's not the case you may want to look at something more powerful like this:
  4. I have Bestec 250w PSU
    my case is full size
    My screen resolution is 1600-900
  5. You're going to need a new power supply to get much of a video card.

    this is an inexpensive one that doesn't totally suck.
  6. Okay say i was to buy the RAIDMAX RX-500AF 500W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS BRONZE or a similar PSU with around 500W, which graphics cards would you suggest for me within a $200 budget.
    One other thing.. When buying a new PSU and graphics card.. do i need to make sure its compatible with anything else in my computers? (Making sure so i dont buy the wrong items :) )
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