Bad onboard NIC? Computer crashes when ethernet cable is plugged in.

My computer loads and runs fine without an ethernet cable but the instant I plug one in it crashes. When I try booting the PC with one attached it won't load past start-up. Same goes for safe mode with networking.

I have an onboard NIC.

Is this a driver conflict or just bad grounding? Will getting a network card work or is the problem going to persist?

I suppose a follow up question would be; what are some good network cards out there with decent gaming speeds?
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  1. Could be hardware, software or both. I'm not sure where to start for diagnostics, but considering a new card is only $10-15, its more cost effective for many to just replace it.

    Which gaming NIC? I've never considered a network card a performance item for gaming. As long as it connects to the network, it should work. I like Dlink cards personally. Killer NIC is a lie, don't buy the farce.
  2. This is almost certainly due to a bad or incorrect driver; did you install the driver that came on the motherboards CD? Check with the motherboards maker web site for an updated driver.
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